5 of the worst British atrocities

It’s Hard to know, there’s also a global media machine trying to topple empires by making them look like demons in front of the masses.
Dramatising famine, genocide, figures etc.

I struggle to understand how there were 8 million people living in Ireland before the famine, when currently we struggle to house 5million with modern high rise buildings etc.

Churchills right hand man was Brendan bracken whom came from Ireland.


Many master mind political figures in Britain came from Ireland.
Our rivers and seas are full of fish, again I struggle to understand how Ireland starved.

Here’s a link which shows cultural and linguistic ties between Hindustan and Gaeldom.


We might come to the conclusion that politics, media etc have an influence which stretches from Western Europe, all the way to the Far East or India.
My belief is that the term British is derived from the word barathish or bardish and is a political or media class which originates in Ireland.
The following is a link which shows the staggering number of Irish immigrants in politics, media, business, the White House etc.


We can see in today’s world how the media machine in America is hell bent on global war and control, maybe this was true too in Hitler’s and Winston Churchill’s time and the Germans and British sought to expel a poisonous media class which they deemed originated in Ireland, and in expelling that political class the British had to Quash our institutes, language, sport, industry etc.

This media class is determined to change history, education etc by feeding people’s egos with media.
One thing I noticed today which I thought was quite strange, was Leo Varadkar’s name.

Leo’s family name is of Indian descent and I have already outlined links between India and Ireland in the above link.
Could Leo varadkar’s family come from a bardic political class which originated in Ireland.

Varadkar can be broken up to reveal bha as in v, or bharad kar.
The Indian bhard or Bard kar.

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