Life quotes from the kalki Maitreya.

Your sex drive, your sexual energy, it wants to create life, in the form of a child.

It’s general purpose is to create life, it is therefore a creative, life force.

You will not have a life until you retain your life force and direct it towards creating your life.

The life force must rise like a fire, to purify and reveal what is true and real.

Emotional, mental, psychological blackages etc must be worked on, to allow this force to rise.

Until you realise how your thought patterns are controlling how you feel.

Only then can you resurrect or rise erect.

Your life force is the most vulnerable force in the universe, it is like a child.

It needs your protection and comfort, this is why you seek to please it so much.

Imagine protecting your life force and all those vulnerable places upon you.

Imagine protecting and comforting
All that is sensitive upon you.

Nourish those sensitive points with thoughts of protection and comfort.

Imagine giving the warm and protective energy of the hands to those places that need it most.

Mentally transferring the protective energy of the hands to places upon you which are sensitive and vulnerable.

Mentally filling your life force with the energy of the hands, so as the life force may transcend above and beyond you.

When you waste your life force through sexual gratification, you are selfish and only thinking of your individual needs. As your life force rises into higher levels of yourself while being celibate, you will become aware of how you are selfish in those areas, desirably, emotionally, communicatively , psychologically, mentally etc.

Be Christ like while on this journey of celibacy, share with others, give again, think well of others.

In the end you’ll realise you needed nothing, that there’s a world of abundance.

The process of celibacy can drive you mad on many levels, with many vivid dreams, thoughts, emotions etc.

Focusing on the breath or air is a way of distracting the mind away from things we find problems with.

Distracting the mind with new situations and things only brings new problems which leads to more stress and anxiety.

Find something to think about which doesn’t focus your mind on potential problems, focus on your breath or the air.

Your breath

Meditate on your breath to distract the mind, your breath is a form of nothing, it brings the mind to focus on nothing and to stop thinking.

When angry, upset, thinking of unwanted thoughts (ie, sexual thoughts ) focus on the breath or your breathing.

This will take your mind away from those thoughts and towards thinking of nothing.

Postrate the prostate and activate your pro state.


Balance your life with the harmonic of that which is around you, with all the nature, all your cells and the universe.

Natural universal Frequency
(432 hertz), why?

Universal cycle according to Hindu teachings – 25,920 years.

25,920 divided by 432 equals 60.

432 Herts multiplied by 60 equal 25,920.

It’s strange How many spiritual practitioners, mathematicians etc talk about 432 hertz soulfegio frequency and how 432 hz is in tune with all of nature, many comment on the mathematics of this frequency and how if you square 432 you get 186,624 which is pretty close to the speed of light.

Speed of light 186,282,

Difference between the 2 is 342.

How time is interconnected with 432 hz.

12 times 60 times 60 equals 43200.

432 divided by 12 equals an exact number of 36, which is perfect in soulfegio calculations.

But if you multiply 60 by 432, you get 25,920 which is the exact universal time period sadhguru is talking about in the video below.

What a coincidence.

Sadhguru explains kalki Avatar and Yugas.

432 hz – unlocking significance of 3,6,9.

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