911 Back to the future

How is someone able to predict when the twin towers in New York would be attacked?

Do the twin towers represent more than just buildings?

Do they represent our perception of life and how we should live it?

Do the towers represent a two way split in our society or thinking?

Perhaps between Republicans and Democrats.

Between the red root and the blue sky.

Between natural, home values
(red root chakra)

And the ability to be free and communicate freely.
(Blue sky chakra)

What the one world trade centre now represents is the Union of these two sides, just like ancient Egypt awaited the return of Horus to unite the kingdom of Seth (set) and Osiris (rise).

The one world trade centre is in a somewhat pyramidal shape.

Is Seth like the handy man in society, he believes he built everything, thought everyone etc, but society naturally don’t want to associate with him because he is seen as being connected to the nature and is someone who gets his hands dirty.

He is perhaps perceived as the donkey or the work horse in society.

Society naturally gravitate towards the charismatic leader who looks squeaky clean and who always makes them feel good about themselves.

Is Jesus a mix between Seth and Osiris?, Jesus is the donkey (Seth) and the charismatic leader (Osiris). He is what ancient Egyptians believe is Horus.

Simplicity & commonality

Seth shows how simple things are and shows the commonality in things.

That is the very problem, (simplicity and commonality)

That when things are presented simply, that people no longer feel special or intelligent, because they see the simplicity in things and then deliberately over complicate things in their own heads, to feel intelligent.

Or when we see what has everything got in common to try and deduce what is the truth, we ignore it because it is just that (common).

When we see what is common it no longer makes us look elite or special and we choose to lie to ourselves.

But something is only common because an elite teacher was able to communicate and integrate their ideas with everyone.

That you cannot build complex things until you see the simplicity in them.

or even that when people try to help us, we automatically think they think we need help, are like children or are a charity case, and we naturally ignore information which could be vital to us.

Or we allign ourselves with people whom we perceive as less intelligent or less well off as we are, to make us feel good about ourselves, and we naturally reject people who are bright or intelligent.

Driving our best and brightest out of the country.

The split
Is there a split like this in our societies or thinking and this is why we are susceptible to attack.

Because we are divided, both inside and out.

As life becomes more complex, we then naturally divide and fall out with each other.

Pushing this divide even further.

The question may then be, does the orientation of the planets play a role in how we feel and how we make decisions?

Is the energy of the planets pushing ill feelings towards one another that step further?

If so then it would be pretty simple to understand when we are week and when we are open to attack, and predict when another attack is coming.

Is there then a part of us, that monitors all the energy around us and tries to warn us through feelings or intuitive thoughts.

Just like your hand can warn you of what is hot or cold and what you can and can’t touch.

Your energy centres also act in this way and guide you towards what is right for you.

Is there then a part of us, perhaps most prevalent in our dreams, which is almost downloading this energy we are taking in, and interpreting it, and is trying to communicate it to us.

Would it then be able to predict when things would happen, because it can feel the negativity and positivity in the world, and knows when people are at breaking point, and open to attack.

It also feels when a large celestial body is approaching and how it will effect us, and therefor can predict when events will happen, because the universe is making them happen.

We are like fish caught up in a river, which is driving our evolution and awakening us.

This is how “Back to future” was able to predict 911.

The truth is we are always open to attack, politically, financially, militarily, bacterially etc.

But at certain times the energy around us can make us even more susceptible.

It is up to us to be mindful of what is going on around us and be able to change effectively, understand each other and unite together.

But at the same time respect our rights to be individuals and our rights to communicate freely.


While writing this post and gathering images to include within it, i came across this picture of the twin towers.

I noticed the statue of Liberties position between the towers, She is what unites the two towers or the Republicans and Democrats, the Red earth and the blue sky.

But she is also what divides them.

The statue of Liberty being green would represent the green vegetation on our planet or the green chakra (heart), between the red earth and the bright blue sky.

She can be very helpful when trying to unite the world, and can be very compassionate.

But can be our greatest enemy when we disrespect her or cross her.

She not only represents a symbol of a few who deem themselves to be elite, she represents the women in our lives and the role they play when trying to teach the world how to unite, and perhaps her holding the flame to the twin towers in this picture might give us a clue as to who really was behind 911.

Who is the green lady?$


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