Famine Propoganda

To understand the situation back then we have to understand what kind of people were involved, particularly as to what type of people the Irish really are.

I actually believe the Irish controlled the hearts and minds of people around the world through stories, and once ruled the world.

(Click here to link to an article which compares Old Irish to Sanskrit, and shows the striking similarities)

Monarchic and aristochrical powers couldn’t exert their dominance once the Irish were in the world.

It’s almost like an invisible control the Irish would have had, through an advanced understanding of emotions and psychology.

The Irish language in my opinion existed 150 – 200 million years ago, and once was at the centre of Pangea where early civilization was trading through.

Irish or Gaelic is a global language which absorbed all the other languages of the world.

We are the original royalty of this world.

This is why so much effort was put into eradicating the Irish people and their language.

Satan or Lucifer in the bible is actually Setanta and his father Lugh in Irish mythology.

Sethanta’s name Cuchuilain comes from the feathered serpent kukulkan in the Aztec and Mayan world.

There was a complete demonisation of the Irish, not only eradication of the people and their language but the stories they created to try and help the world.

Irish Links

Question 1

I have to ask the question though, as to how the British became so powerful.

My suspicion is that Irish people continuously begrudge the best and brightest Ireland has to offer, and drive them out of the country into the arms of our nearest neighbour Britain.


The playwright and poet Brendan Behan never got the welcome or encouragement from his own people that he got from the British.

Patrick Kavanagh is another example of a talented person whom wasn’t accepted by the Irish public.

In today’s world you have the likes of Brendan O’Connor (Ms Brown’s Boys), whom wasn’t given a shot in Ireland and had to go to England to be accepted to launch his tv show, and of course now we want him back once we see how much money the British are making from him.

How many talented Irish artists do we Love to hate, Bob Geldoff, Bono etc.

Again I’ll ask the question as to how do you think the British got so powerful.

Because the Irish keep driving their talent out of the country and into the arms of the British.

Although I believe the Irish can be the biggest cause of their own problems, and i believe that we do drive a lot of talented people out of the country.

Question 2

I have to ask the question as to why our best and brightest are not being rewarded and enticed back into Ireland today.

Instead they find financial, tax breaks and a better quality of life in countries controlled by the British crown.
(Canada, US, Australia etc).

Is their a puppet government in Ireland deliberately creating this favourable condition for the common wealth and driving the worlds best and brightest towards the crown for profit.

Maybe the biggest question then is, is their a puppet race in Ireland, a race of begrudgers deliberately put here to upset the real Irish, and drive them out of the country?.

Sounds like a mad thought , but it would make you think 

The real Irish wouldn’t be bothered by a famine, we are a nomadic race that see’s opportunity throughout the world.

We’re not a race of complainer’s , were a race of doer’s.

You would wonder then, as to why people keep bringing up old hurts like the famine, and portray them across social media?

My suspicion as to why people keep bringing old hurts up about the past is to find a sympathetic ear, and try to make the worlds best and brightest, most compassionate etc feel sorry for them.

This is not Irish.

Repeating history
Here’s an interesting article which shows how many of the US White House staff actually have Irish roots.


It gives us a clue as to who really are the political and propagandists minds behind the worlds empires.

We can surmise that history repeats itself, and that behind the British empire at the time of the famine were people who originally came from Ireland.

So Ireland are actually fighting there own people.

Churchill’s right hand man “Brendan Bracken” is another example of an intelligent Irish mind which was behind political decisions in Britain.

The surname Bracken is of Irish origin, before people start saying its English.


In conclusion we have to accept the idea that there are charismatic leaders throughout the world, who have been controlling mass media throughout thousands of years.

Through faith, politics, media etc.

These people have a habit of dramatising world events to try and gain a favourable political and financial outcome for themselves.

Im not trying to make little of atrocities that have happened throughout mankind’s history or say they didn’t happen, I’m merely saying that certain groups of people may be deliberately trying to play on the heart strings of the general public and trying to paint a particular picture or narrative for a perceived capitalist outcome.

The genocide of 6 million Jews during the German holocaust would be in my opinion one such example, and that the number of Jews that died under Hitler’s rule was not anywhere near this number, but the figures were dramatised and embellished to paint a favourable picture for the Jews.

The Jews now control much of the media and film studios throughout the USA, which gives weight to the idea that they are very much in control of the global narrative or story, and paint a picture which they want the world to see which makes them look good and is in their favour.

The Irish also have a habit of portraying the idea that they are weaker than they are, appearing foolish or stupid in public, social or political situations etc.

All to try and gain the favour of the public.

It’s all an advanced psychological and emotional game they play, and the dramatising of the atrocities they appear to have been through is all embellished to gain a sympathetic ear.

Making people believe they are week, and trying to portray the idea that they no nothing about world events and choose to be ignorant so they can deny all accountability if anything goes wrong.

Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media 

The power of lies, deceptions and disinformation as Americans pay the price of collective stupidity. “You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in … Continue reading

Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media


Copy and paste this URL into your WordPress site to embed 


This may also have been the situation throughout the Irish famine, and that the reasons behind events are not as clear cut as some would like you to believe.

The origin of all

I want to show you as to where I believe the origin of everything is and that the Irish, Jewish and other religions actually are the same people.

They actually come from the sun god RA, who was at the centre of Pangea 100’s of millions of years ago.

That Torah actually means to RA the sun god.

Eire meaning Ireland comes from ER’RE or AR’RA again RA the sun god.

That the first word in the Jewish bible “bereshith” meaning in the beginning can be broken up to reveal (be eiresh ith).

Arabic means Aira-bic or Eire-bic.

Aryan comes from Air Ryan or Eiren.

Sumarian means sum (+) Arian or Eiren.

House of Windsor / winds-air

Why then the name Eiren, Arian, aira, Eire etc is repeated so much throughout influential groups throughout the world?

What does it mean?

The word Aira or Eire, refers to the air or sky or the suns Ray in the air.

The air is a bright blue colour and refers to the bright blue chakra or energy centre in Hindu and Sanskrit texts, which is the throat.

What the Aira/Eire beings (Arabians) are, are awakened or enlightened communicators.

They are masters of everything to do with the throat, mass media, psychology, socialism, politics etc.

They’ve had control of the worlds stories for the last few thousand years.

Although most of them want peace and have been very influential throughout mankind’s history, some only see life as a financial opportunity and seek to control the world.

Some are nomadic people whom have ties throughout the world, with links to vast empires of wealth.

So the next time a politician tells you things that are to good to be true, believe that they probably are.

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