Heaven’s Spiritual fire


Is the kingdom of God like a spiritual fire?
To make a real fire you need four elements.

A spark
All need to be present to keep the fire burning.

But could we draw analogies from how the fire burns and sustains itself to how the kingdom of heaven or the spiritual fire inside us burns.

Imagine all the elements needed to burn a real fire, are conscious and they are able to communicate with each other.
But they’re all arguing as to which one of them is contributing the most to the fire.

Sethan – sé taine – sixth fire
Satan represents the flame or fire itself, it is the most visually pleasing to look at and feel of all the elements needed, so others are naturally drawn towards it/ him and bask in its beauty and comfort.

The spiritual fire that reaches our eyes, to awaken logic and reasoning.

Eire – air ray

The air represents an element which is needed but can’t be seen, this might represent a nomadic group of storytellers, communicators, educators etc, whom believe they have the most input, but that most cannot see nor grasp them.

The air may represent air ray or Eire.

Mankind – the clay
Next is the fuel source, this might represent mankind’s input into the spiritual fire, and we are arguing that the fire can’t burn unless you have a fuel source or when mankind’s input is present.
So some develop this atheistic view point believing they have the most input.
Just like a piece of timber burns away in a fire, mankind may be dying only to reveal its spiritual self and this may be a necessary element when keeping the spiritual fire alive.

Divine spark
But then comes the spark, something which happens in the blink of an eye, which you wouldn’t even know was there, and that represents God the divine spark.

Although you need all four elements to build this spiritual fire or kingdom, at the same time the spark or light is the only element which is present in all the other elements.
You may see that the fire is the most comforting and visually pleasing, you may even see that the fire shines everywhere and brings light to everything, but if you look a little deeper you will see what the fire is really made of, and that is the divine spark/ light which is present in everything.
As you learn about the past you may see the name Seth a lot, but behind Seth is lugh the light.
So look a little deeper to see the truth behind the flame.

Now I imagine the Christ is someone whom has compassion for all sides, who chooses to see into everyone’s reality, and acts like the greatest Furness that was ever seen, and when all elements are brought together into the Christ Furness its heat, light, radiance etc is unmatched.

The furnace that is Christ
None of the other elements alone can do and bring what the Christ can.
It is just like the divine spark, bringing or uniting all elements together but in a different way.
Divine spark – the debate
Even at this, there understanding of the one element which is present in all (the divine spark), I imagine that there is much debate as to how this spark is created.
Some will argue that just like it takes the rubbing of two flint stones to generate a spark, that the planets as they orientate around us, generate friction and that this is what causes the divine spark to awaken within us.
While others argue that you only have to focus on the air to generate the spark.

(Buddhist, Hindu teachings)
And there is mankind, whom is possibly arguing as to the need to awaken the spark or to its presence at all, that if you were mindful and educated yourself you wouldn’t need this divine presence, and that actually it acts in so much that it makes its children ignorant and lazy because they always expect it to be there for them.
(Atheists, evolutionists, scientists)
Then there is the fire or Satan, saying that it always burns in some way. Even though it’s flame may not be as bright as Christ’s, it is always there.
It doesn’t need to educate itself, nor does it need to focus/ mediate, find love or God.
It is always there in some way.

There are those then that say you need divine love to awaken the spark and that you cannot spiritually progress unless you find your twin flame.
What is true for one is not true for all.
The conclusive viewpoint
These four elements may represent four completely different and unique ways of looking at existence or life.
The truth is that they are all needed, and nothing really happens unless all four are present in some way.
Can we really know which side contributes more to the fire?
or can we blend these four elements to work in harmony with each other and build the biggest and most beautiful kingdom ever seen?.

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