Here’s an interesting idea, could the name Luciferian be derived from 2 words?

1: “Lu” or “Luci”  meaning light

2: “ferian” meaning fearing

& what Luciferian means is light fearing or God fearing. 

The word “Dia” in Irish means God, Dia means light or day in Spanish and Portuguese. 

So you can see how the word God and light or day are interchangeable in different languages. 

Could the name Lucifer be derived from 2 words. 

1: “Lu” or “Luci” meaning light

2: “cifer” or cipher meaning code or zero. 

So this is where the term bible code comes from, it’s a light code, light cipher or Lu cipher, Lucifer. 

This is why Jesus birth starts the Gregorian calendar at zero, because Jesus or Lucifer is the cipher or code and this means zero, the start, the beginning, from nothing. 

The name “lugh” or “lug” is a mythical God across the Celtic world, whom is a God of light and harvest and is one who is attributed to having many talents. 


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