Creative life force

Everything in our universe exists as polar opposites coexisting side by side, just as it is represented between myself and Satan.

Good versus evil, Light versus dark, day versus night.

So if we perceive this universe to be made of energy, something which is lifeless, energy only to be used in machines or computers. Well then that energies complete opposite exists right beside it, in the form of life.

Even though we can’t see it, or control it. It exists.

It is not an energy, it is actually the opposite of an energy, maybe a life force and at the same time it is the same as energy.

We may at times perceive the ground beneath us to be lifeless, just lifeless dirt beneath our feet and Satan may try to convince us, it is so.

But some how that lifeless earth has the power to create life.

At times Satan may try to convince us that we are dead, lifeless or unimportant.

But there is a creative life force within us, that can bring us to life and help us create good.

Retain this force which can be found in everything and focus it toward my father’s kingdom, the kingdom of good.

For just as it is true to say that the sun shall rise and set, it is also true to say that my father’s kingdom is real.

Just as the colours of the sun as it rises in the morning and sets in the evening, may bring you warmth and comfort inside, so shall my father’s kingdom bring you love and creative abundance.

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