Miraculous rocks of medugorge

Are rocks miraculous?

Do you want to see a miracle?

I recently went on a trip to the holy site of medjugirge and as I was travelling I was taken aback at how there were so many rocks.

Something which we would consider lifeless has some how transformed itself into life in the form of a plant, to me that is a miracle.

To create life from something you would consider dead like a rock, that has to be a miracle.

If your ever feeling dead and lifeless, even hopeless. Remember the miracle of the rock and how it transformed itself into life.

But how does the rock do this?, something magical has to be happening inside it.

Here in Croatia and Bosnia, where medjugirge lies, it doesn’t rain very often.

It’s 34 degree Celsius here, theres very little moisture and yet somehow these rocks have transformed themselves and have come to life.

There is some kind of creative life force in everything which can transform itself into life no matter how bad the situation or conditions are.

There is some kind of creative life force which  exists in us and its purpose is to create life in the form of a child, it is in everything and can help us cope with the worst of conditions.

It has the power to transform us and bring real change to our lives.

Harness this force, retain it, let is rise and let it help you create the life you want.

We may think at times, that we’re lifeless, nothing, but we’re not, we have the power to create and transform our lives no matter how bad they are.

We are not dead and lifeless, we are transformative life force and some day we will learn to harness that force for good.

Has this rock transformed itself into life, In the form of a plant. Just like a caterpillar can transform itself into a butterfly?.

Never give up hope, remember the miracle of the rock.

You can transform.


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