Scarlet orange to violet blue

In the beginning was the word.
The word was with god, and the word was God.
It was renouned, that the word made a sound.
The sound made us move, and grind and stretch to the groove.
For it was played with a flute, and the word was the note root.
Second was for time, and the end of mine, and we are creatively entwined.
Rising like the colours of dawn, to create our spawn.
The Tree was in hunger, golden yellow coloured leaves made us grow fonder.
Bread and water will make me love you even longer.
For I am addicted to everything and you, and I must pray to conquer.
The Forth is erected in adoration and love of your image, I must learn true love, to rise and erect above.
Pent is my voice and I must make my choice.
Kneel and pray so that I may have my say.
Then the whole eye will see you, a vision will appear and the creator waters shall flow.
For I am now selfless and I give my self to you.
See my colours turn from bright scarlet orange to violet blue.

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