What Is the purpose of life and the universe?

If you look out to the far reaches of the universe, you will see that the vast majority of it is empty and lifeless.

There for the purpose we pussess within this universe, is to bring it to life and feel alive.

There for we must retain the life force within us, to bring the universe to life and to feel alive.

This force has the power to create life within us, both physically and non physically, helping us feel alive, guiding us to build lives, helping us reach the full potential of our creative intelligence and abilities, because it creates life.

If we waste this life force through self gratification, then life and the universe will not fulfill its purpose.

You cannot see or realise the purpose of life or the universe until you retain your life force and feel alive with it.

Asking what is the purpose of life, while wasting the life force on self gratification, is like asking what does a banana or an orange taste like and expecting to taste or understand the taste without eating it.

You must taste for yourself, you must retain for yourself.

The only reason you ask as to the purpose of life, is because you don’t feel alive or you are not life.

This life force within everything, creates the highs we associate with frutarian or vegetarian life styles or drugs, it creates everything.

But there is no need to ingest these substances in the end, because we have the very force within these substances to bring us to life.

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