Posterior Postrating

When we are awake, we are either standing or sitting.

From our perspective our mind is the highest level or energy centre within us.

The mind is singular and creates this impression that we are all individuals, making us believe that we are above everything.

When we sleep, we are lieing down and all our levels or energy centres are at the same level.
There is no perspective of up or down, higher or lower in dream time, all is equal and in dreams is where we get some of the greatest healing.

So by logical deduction, the sacral, sexual level within us has the power to give us the greatest healing and has the power to show us how we are all united.

When performing the downward dog or cat pose, our posterior is raised above all other parts of us.
Giving us the impression that our sacral, sexual or creative nature is above any other force within us.

This pose suggests and gives presidence over creative sexual forces and sugessts that this force is that which binds and creates everything, it is that which has the power to help us realise how we are All coonected.

It is the unity, it is the one, the whole eye.


Our creative or sexual nature has risen above our head, and we are now looking at the ground, clay or sand, from whence we came.

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