Elohim, Hebrew name for God.

Elohym = myhole/ my hole.

Referring to Celibacy, sexual transmutation or the hole we must dig ourselves out of while trying to unite with God or our other half.

Elohim refers to the word “elle” as in the French word for she, Elohim is alluding to the Unification of she & him.

Elle-O-him, she-whole-him.

Wholeness of her & him.

French and English Unification, derived from the Hebrew language.

Elle, French translation : (“she / her”), Elohymn = her hymn / her song.

The hymn of the “0”, zero, the hymn of Wholeness..

Olahym, my halo, my halo.
Alahim, mihala, my hala, my hell.

Allah hymn, the song of Allah.
“Al”, Arabic translation: “the”.
“Al-lah-him = the lay man, the one who works.

Elohim, mi-hole, my hole.

Elohym – myhole/ my hole.

When your sexual creative energy is in your sacral or root chakra, your my-hole, your in a hole or your in hell.

The opposite is when that force has risen above you, you become or meet Elohym.

It’s all about sexual transmutation and celibacy.

Elohim is the creator, or the creative force inside all life which has the power to create life in the form of a child.

Genesis 19:5. – Sodom & Gomorrah Destroyed – sexual references.


“They called Lot, where are the men who came with you tonight. Bring them out to us, so that we may have sex with them”.


Sodomy definition : Anal intercourse.


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