Kundalini awakening and the limelight.

The Kundalini awakening.

If you are experiencing a Kundalini awakening, then your awakening might start a the lower chakras.

Your awakening might be something akin to seeing the sun rise inside you.

First there is darkness, perhaps only the flicker of light. As this sun begins to rise it will flicker in your eyes like a light code, appearing to flicker on and off.

Like a light-code, or Lugh-cipher (“0″, code”) / lucifer.

“The Bible code”.

But as this sun rises inside you, you will realise that it is not a flickering light, rather it is a sun which never stops shining.

This sun is here to help you grow, heal and illuminate you.

It is a son, or rather your son.

The next colour you will see from the sun inside you is red. This light influences your root chakra and makes you obsess over family and earthly ties.

It is the first sign of warmth inside you, as the icy cold, frozen pieces of you begin to thaw.

You will not be able to focus on your own life at this stage, rather you will cry and obsess over helping those family members who you think need your help.

The sun rises again to become a red-orange and influences you sacral chakra, the seat of your sexual desire and creativity.

Now you are beginning to branch out and extend your reach to help communities, you begin to commune.

The sacral chakra is associated with water and an imminent flood of creative energy is pending, just as Moses parted the red water, or sea, you will learn to part these sexual, creative waters by becoming celibate.

You will have dreams of one whom you think you have always known, but yet seems to never come, and it is not until the sun rises to become yellow and starts to influence the solar plexus will you begin to unite with your twin flame.

For the solar chakra is the fire, the flame, the life force.

Your sun or son, you and your twin flame uniting as one.

Here is where the Bush begins to burn and life starts to grow in the form of yellow vegetation.

This is where the bread of life exists, within the yellow halo.

As the sun rises again, you may expect it to turn green, as your next chakra would suggest, but it actually turns into white light, and the sun or your son becomes the light of this and your world.

You begin to step out into the lime light, and your other half can’t resist you.

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