The love of light. 

The love of light

Is light the easiest and most efficient way of getting energy? .

All other ways require too many processes to extract the energy.

Energy from food, plants etc, have to be chemically broken down, transported around the body before it can be used as an energy source.

Where as light is just absorbed directly and can be stored or used without any sort of initial break down.

Making light a much better source of energy for our energetic bodily systems.

But why does society not gravitate easily to the idea that direct light is a more adequate source of energy than others? .

Gravitating towards the idea that light can be used as a better energy source, is not an intellectual process rather it is a process of letting go of the ego.

Light is a form of nothing, when you have light you really have nothing.

You can’t control light, everyone has access to light.

I image that people in societies develop control issues, as living in an increasingly complex social environment makes them feel like their lives are not in their hands or not in their control at times, as peace between neighbours and societies needs to be adhered to, to diminish conflict.

People naturally gravitate towards tangible things, and things they can touch to feel like they have something, to try and regain some sense of control back.

Ignoring the idea that light is in everything and is a much better source of energy transfer for human systems, simply because everyone has access to it and It can’t be controlled.

But at times it can be difficult to tolerate light, as we can feel sickened on different levels, inside ourselves when we get too much light.

Light should be introduced gradually into your life, so as to adjust to it adequately.

Introducing low frequency light such as red or orange light, can be a good start.

As this light has the lowest frequency.

Certain frequencies from sound, stone, precious metals etc can all aid in preparing the force vortexs within you, so as you can tolerate more light and eventually higher frequency light.

#417 hz #528 hz #639 hz

#sacral #solar #heart

Being celibate for periods of time also aids in preparing force vortexs within you, as they begin to open up as the life-force within you begins to climb.

I call these levels of energy within “force vortexs”, because they not only handle energies they also handle a force which is alive within everything, which behaves like energy and yet is the opposite in so many ways.

The levels inside us fill with these energies and lifeforces, and at times it can be difficult to tell the two apart, and yet they are different.

The energies can be controlled, but the lifeforces cannot. They are life itself and they need to be respected and allowed to flow as they wish.

Letting these lifeforces in and the energies can be difficult, because at times we come to sharp realisations, that we are nothing or have nothing, or our awareness clears that bit more to see life clearly and not through the dilluseion we want to see.

But if celibate, the life forces will act to remedy these dillemas within you, as they begin to make you feel alive and help you grow in new ways.

You may come to the realisation that you are like a rock, in the sense that you are dead, pointless and worthless and yet that rock has a force inside it which can help life grow in the form of a plant.

Don’t worry, the life force will always contradict any other force out there, and will always help you grow in new ways to deal with new challenges, as long as you are celibate.

Postrating and exercise can help these lifeforces rise within you. Elevating the posterior above your head and allowing the head to be the lowest point within the posterior pose, aids in the downward flow of lifeforces, to help the rest of you grow and heal.

If these practices are maintained over a period of time, you will start to feel more alive and you will feel your heart flood with love.

You no longer will see the universe as lifeless inanimate objects, rather you will see everything as living while your life force begins to live in you.

The light from love will begin to illuminate your heart, you will have more realistic dreams of what you consider love.

As the frequency of light begins to increase inside you,

You will begin to vibrate on a new frequency and this frequency shall eminate throughout all creation attracting new people and opportunities into your life.

Attracting people who want to love you and love the light within you.

You will begin to understand the love of light and how high quality white light is the greatest source of love.

How we all eventually can live off lifeforces and the love of light, recycling our human systems without the need for food.

For what is food? , only an earthly creation created by creative lifeforces, filled with light and so shall we realise this, but only by letting go of our need to control and trusting these processes.

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