The white disc.!?

The white disc or dick.


Is the word “disc” mispronounced, to sound a bit more socially palletable for the masses.

We can observe in the Greek language, how the letter “C” almost has an “S” shape.

How the word “Celtic” can also be pronounced with an “S” as in Seltic.

Could the same be true for the word “disc”, that the “disc” is actually the “dick”.

. Nordic”.!

This may have been true for ancient Egyptians, as you observe some of their images you will notice orange disc’s or dick’s above their head’s, which represents rising of sacral forces above their animal nature’s.


It may also be observed in tarot reading, witch craft and at Christmas how the word “deck”, as in a deck of cards or deck the Holly may be translated as dick the Holly or dick of card’s.

Within witch craft, it can be observed how a wizard uses a magic wand or a witch rides a broom, could these images be euphemisms for an inward rising.

If the word “disc” is mispronounced and its true meaning is what I have outlined above, then it brings up some interesting ideas.

The rising of the white disc at Christian ceremony represents some interesting ideas.

The disc as I have outlined has a relationship with sacral and sexual forces and giving them up for a higher cause.

The disc in Christian ceremony is also the bread of life and raising of such a disc represents giving up food.

The fact that the disc or bread of life is white also represents the colour of the heart in a spiritual sense and its rising also represents giving up your love for a higher cause.

I thought about this image and realised that the quickest way to awaken your heart and reach the white light of the heart, is to give up sexual desire’s and fast.

I also realised that the reason the white disc at mass is circular has some significance aswell.

It’s circular shape is linked to mathematics and relationships within the universe, understanding the universe is more about selflessness, giving up and love than it is about intelligence.

But I want you to observe the lyrics within a Gareth Brooks song – “On a prayer “.

“There’s a ship lost, on the ocean.
At the mercy of the sea.
It’s been tossed about, lost and broken.
Wandering aimlessly, and God somehow you know that ship is me” .

“There’s a lighthouse, in a harbour shining faithfully.
Beeming it’s light out, across the water, for this sinking soil to see.
That someone out there still believes in me”.

“On a prayer, in a song.
I hear your voice and it keeps me hanging on.
*Till we reach the circles edge and you come back to me again*”.

This song is coincidently called “On a prayer”.
The lyrics interestingly convey being lost on the water, water is associated with the sacral chakra.

Interestingly the lyric “till we reach the circle’s edge and you come back to me again” has alluded me for many years on my own journey and I often wandered when my other half would come back into my life.

I now realise that the circle is the white Eucharist and the circles edge is me reaching the edge of my heart by abstaining and working through my issues as they are brought to the surface of the water inside me.

White dick.. – sacral..
White bread… – Solar…
White disc…. – heart….


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