To Be’e-r or not to Bee.?

The biomechanics of a “Bee”.

Observe the image of a “Bee” and notice the colours it is and what it is doing.

The Bee

The “Bee” is yellow and black and makes a humming sound all day.

Could we apply these ideas to our own lives to help us become more productive, just like the “Bee”.

Could we apply chakra or energy centre theory from ancient India or Asia when understanding why the “Bee” has these colours or why it makes a humming sound.

Often it can be observed in India or Asia, how Guru’s or Monk’s wear orange and red clothing to help them balance and transmute their life force.

Is the “Bee” transmuting the same life force and the reason it is a yellow colour is that it is transmuting it into the chakra we associate with being yellow, which is the solar plexus and is associated with the stomach, improving the “Bee’s” digestion.

Black may suggest deeper rooted energies being transmuted through the “Bee”.

I would surmise then that the “Bee” humm’s to help almost calibrate itself and this helps with internal operating processes within the “Bee”, making it much more efficient and needing less food to operate.

Order of the bee's
To be or not to be, order of the bee’s.

Try it for a while and see.

Transmute your own base life forces, the forces which gave you life, transmute at least for a month at a time and observe how the process makes you aware of how your thinking is selfish.

Learn to let go and be selfless, serve God’s colony and humm your way to productivity.

Humming or chanting is not truly realised or  doesn’t really effect us until our solar plexus is open, through purging of root material possessions, sexual transmutation and fasting.

Try be a “Bee” of the Tribe and join the order of the “Bee’s”, for “to be or not be, that is the question” . – quote; William Shakespeare -.

To “Bee” or not to “Bee”.

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