When does happiness happen.

When does happeness happen? When you are happy or in a state of happiness. 😊


When does your life happen, when do your dreams manifest or happen? To understand this scenario,

we only need to break up the word “happiness”.

Happiness anagrams: Happiness, ha-penis, happen-ness, happening-ness.

It is happening when you feel happiness. Manifest, mani-fast, mani-feast. It will manifest when your man(eye) fasts.

Penis, spine.

Homo-sa-penis… – homosapiens.

Homo-erect-us.. –h omoerectus.

Dreams which suggest happiness, happeness or ha-penis are dreams of oil, particularly holi oil.

Oil rises above the water. Suggests rising above sexual, sacral nature and is also yellow the colour of the chakra above the sacral.

Water suggests sacral chakra.. Oil suggests celibacy, and rising above sexual nature, because water suggests the sacral and oil rises above water and is also yellow, the colour of the next chakra after the sacral.

The question posed may be when do you know you will succeed? You will succeed when you suck seed.

When you laugh or see the Lugh / light or you feel it in your “lugs” / ears.

Lugh, lug and laugh.!😂

When the water inside you begins to rise and you feel a tingling sensation in the top of your head, as if rain is pouring on top of you, when your brain is B-rain.

Then your brain is fulfilled with “me, mo, ri” or memory and your wish is about to come true and the B-rain is in a state of happeness or happiness…


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