Is the coronavirus sent from God?

Is the coronavirus sent from God? 

Croi nirvanas. 


Is this the final tribulation before we enter heaven or nirvana as it is written in far Eastern scriptures.

Could the term “coronavirus” be a Hindu concept know as “croi-na-virus”. “croi or Sri” meaning heart or core in irish or hindi. “croi-na-virus” meaning sickness of the heart.

After this test or tribulation we will enter “croi nirvana or croi nirvanu’s”, almost a rearranging of “croi-na-virus”.

Where our hearts are purified and where there is no sickness in our expressions or experience of love.

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“Croi-nirv’anu’s” Word derivations:

“Croi”, “sri” (Irish – hindi) = core or heart.

“Nirv” = nerve.

“Van” = vein.

“anu’s” = anus.

These word derivations may show the relationship with which knowledge of the central nervous system has with our concept of heaven or spirituality and how the journey towards heaven is within us.


Coro navirus, coro nirvanas. 

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