Feeling bad on our spiritual journey.

Why do we get such bad feelings and vivid dreams while awakening spiritual?

Imagine there is a river of life flowing through everything, and as your going through your Kundalini, or spiritual awakening the pace of this river increases its flow through you.

This river of life is rising from the root up to the crown, creating everything in the universe, its purpose is to create for the betterment of all life.

But if you are looking down on this river inside you, you are going against it and going against life in general, both inside and outside of you.

This then results in a feeling of being isolated from life around you, giving you the sense that life doesn’t care about you.

If you are looking down at your roots all the time, thinking about material possession, you will perceive this river of life and everything around you only to be solid and unchangeable.

Looking down at our sacral and thinking only of our own desire needs, desires for purpose, for love, a partner, sexual etc, we are selfish and only thinking of our own needs.

This results in extreme cases as anxiety, depression etc.

We have vivid dreams as the pace of this river flows through us, we start to see the reflection of our desires, our emotions, our consciousness etc, being projected onto the reflection of the river.

We may think this spiritual awakening is divine or we are divine, but it should be noted that this may merely be a reflection of your own thoughts and wants against the river of life inside you.

To harmonise with this river of life, you must turn the other way, up and out towards others.

Deriving pleasure from seeing life around flourish and blossom, rather than consistently seeing your own life blossom.

This gradual move towards letting go and showing compassion towards life around us, gives us a sense of harmony, feelings and dreams are no longer vivid, as we are going with the river of life and it almost feels like the river is not there.

Now what you once perceived as God or the higher self through your own dream is merely your own consciousness connected to everything.


Negativity = naga activity… 

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