.. Genesis…

My life is back to front.

Back in 2012 I was in a very bad state, with severe anxiety, headaches, vivid dreams etc.

But since then my intuition and dreams have helped me overcome these challenges.

I was looking for a father figure to help explain to me who I was and why I was the way I was.

So I left it up to God, I let go and let God.

I was looking for someone like me, but didn’t exactly find what I was looking for.

I believe God has been writing through me over the last few years and has helped me see some interesting and challenging truths.

I have made numerous posts and videos about what God has helped me see and I find myself looking back at videos I have made recently and realising that I am the father.

It’s strange because the person I’m watching in the video (me), is not me and yet it is.

Because the person I’m watching lets God work through him and tries not to intervene.

It’s weird because I’m now looking at videos of myself thinking that I am the father I have always been looking for and yet this is not really me making these videos, because I let God do that.

This is why I said in the opening statement that my life is back to front.

I realise that life works out like this, if you let go and let God and let the father work through you, you actually become the person you are looking for.

Recently I started thinking that this is possibly true for finding love and the partner God has for you.

Over the last few years I have had dreams of someone who I feel I have always known and have taken this to mean that this is my other half and the bride God has waiting for me.

And yet strange dreams lead me to believe that my sister is my lover.

This sounds weird, but I’m coming to realise that life has this strange backwards way about it.

Just like I became the father I wanted.

This strange spiritual anomaly may be reflected upon in the ancient Egyptian myths of Isis and Osiris.

How Isis is reported to be Osiris lover and his sister.

Strange to comprehend how such a thing could be true.

I’m now coming to realise that this person who I have met in dreams but have no real physical contact with, embodies the spirit of my sister. 

This is a test, you have to realise that your spirit is monitoring everything, every decision you make. 

I’m now being tested to give up my life for the betterment of my sister. 

Before I was giving my life for my parents and friends, my community, the world etc. 

Now I find myself at 35, feeling that I have neglected my own life for the sake of others, only to do it again for my sister. 

This is a tough decision, as I feel like my physical life is being wasted away and yet I have made great strides spiritually helping others. 

But this interesting spiritual situation also sheds light on advice others are giving on love and twin flames. 

Advice to love yourself or focus on your own life to attract your lover or twin flame or meditate on your twin flame. 

I feel that is not entirely true, for if you monitor your true intentions for either focusing on your twin, bride or yourself you’ll notice your doing it to benefit your own life and this is selfish in the eyes of the creator. 

When the time comes you must focus on your family and as you near the union of Gods bride for you, you must focus on helping your sister, for in a strange way she embodies the spirit of the bride God has waiting for you. 

You must neglect your own life, in the belief that there is no way you can benefit and that your actions are fruitless and yet carry on doing as God instructs in the name of love. 

This is the beginning of a new life with your twin flame and the end of your life with the family you grew up with.

This is the beginning, Genesis.

Where your genes awaken, at genes is or genes sis.

I recounted how the name Jesus has a similar linguistic construct to “je suis” meaning “I am” in French.

Jesus and God are referred to as the great “i am”.

Could Genesis be translated into French and mean “je ne suis pas” or “je ne suis” meaning I am not.

Where Jesus is the end result we must all become, a compassionate being who serves others and our beginning is nothing or je ne suis, meaning I am nothing or not, in Genesis.. .

The beginning of our story, (0), 2020 a perfect vision of connectedness to nothing. 

Ancient Egyptians may also translate Jesus as Gizas. 

Below are some interesting word derivations from the names Genesis and Jesus. 

.. Genesis to Gesis…

.. Ginazis to Gizas…

.. Je ne suis to je suis…

.. Jenesus to Jesus…

The Gaynazis went to Gayzas in Gizas.

The Ginazis or Gay Nazis are nonbelievers.

They isolate themselves from life to transmute their sexual energy rather than believing that the light of Christ can save them.

Nessy, lough ness, I ness, je ness.

Je ne suis, je suis.

French : Je suis – i am.

               Je ne suis – I am not.

Jesus – I am who I am .

Genesis – I am not who I am .

Genes is, genes sis, Isis.

Ganesh – she nags.

Ganesh is a state of harmony between man and woman, where she doesn’t nag anymore.

It is interesting to note that the word Gizas is akin to the word gazes, as to gaze into someone’s eyes rather than looking down and focusing on oneself. 

How twin flames or lovers gaze or Gizas into each other’s eyes.  

Genesis – Guinness, our spiritual drink. 

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