Ancient Egypt’s creative life symbolism

Ancient Egypt’s creative life symbolism

Pyramid’s and obelisks are erected, just like a man’s penis or phallus is erected.

Why does this word erect have two different meanings and are their meanings connected in some way? .

We can read of ancient Egyptian myths of the cult of isis and Osiris, the mother and father gods of ancient Egypt.

How Osiris was torn into 13 pieces in a confrontation with his brother set.

Osiris lover isis then searches for the pieces of Osiris, but she only finds 12. The missing piece she cannot find is his penis or phallus.

A golden phallus is then affixed to Osiris which then dawns his resurrection or maybe his riserection.

We can surmise or it is suggested that Osiris name renders to O sir rise, and he represents the rising of the Sun in the morning and that his brother set represents the sun setting in the evening as his name suggests.

The colour of the sun as it rises and sets is orange and it is quite fitting that this is also the colour with which monks in Tibet and gurus in India wear to help them become celibate.

There is also a story in ancient Egypt of how set also has powers of creation through his own dark phallus.

The energy centre in India after the creative sexual chakra, associated with celibacy and the erect phallus is the solar chakra and it is quite fitting that in ancient Egypt that their is a story of a journey on a solar barge, perhaps this story is alluding to the journey made after sexual energies have risen.

Ancient Egypt is often associated with sand, as the Pyramid’s are predominantly made of sand or the idea of paradise in ancient Egypt is seen as an oasis or mirage in the desert where we would most noticeably find sand.

The sexual creative level would also be associated with sand and imagery of sand in stories or art work would suggest this level.

For every level on our planet corresponds to an energy centre inside us, we breathe air through our throats so there is an association between the throat and the air.

The upper parts of us, our throat, mind etc represent the upper part of the planet, the sky, clouds, air etc.

So it is only fitting that the lower part of our planet represent our roots or the root energy centre and the sexual or sacral energy centre in ancient India.

The sand is directly placed on the earth , it is not part of the earth, so not associated with the root chakra, but just above the earth so associated with the sacral or sexual energy centre.

RA’s orange disc which coincidently rises above his animal nature as a bird would also represent the rising of sexual energies and celibacy, as this is the colour associated with the sacral or sexual chakra in India.

Interestingly enough the serpent is also above Ra’s head in this imagery, which represents the energies of the Kundalini in ancient India.

There are definitely spiritual, cultural and linguistic ties between ancient India and Egypt.

I might also go so far as to say, although I know it might be too much of leap, that the name Abraham in the bible is actually a Brahm, meaning creator God or a sage or priest in India.

Abrahams consort or wife is Sarah or Sara, interestingly enough when you say Sarah backwards, you get Haras or perhaps Horus in ancient Egypt.

Alluding to the idea that their was a romantic connection between ancient India and ancient Egypt.

Perhaps the name Horus signifies a man’s name, but when said backwards it signifies the female counterpart?

Anything crawling on the ground represents creative or sexual energies, ie Scorpians, beetles, spiders, etc.

Many films depicting ancient Egypt, the “Mummy” for example, depicts scenes where spiders or beetles consume people. Depicting the idea that they were not celibate and had succumb to their sexual animal nature.

The Scorpian king also depicts the idea of sexuality and creativity consuming humanity.

Glass made from sand represents sexual or creative life forces.

A house is made from sand and water.

The expression “sands of time” represent sexual energies or the idea that someone is trapped in an hour glass with sand represents the same thing.

Anything directly above the ground represents creative sexual life forces, ie water and the idea that ancient Egypt begun from primordial waters with the mother and father gods, suggests the retainment or attainment of sexual forces for a more creative cause.

Pyramid cultures creative life symbolism

Precollumbian and mesoAmerican pyramid cultures such as the Mayans have documented their sex lives on stone carvings, suggesting that
Their sexual creative nature played a roll in their success.

There are also sex pyramids in India.

Indiana Jones the kingdom of the crystal skull.

In the film Indiana Jones, the kingdom of the crystal skull. It can be observed in one of the last scene’s, where the main characters descend into a cavern, where steps wind down to a chamber where alien creatures with elongated skulls can be found.

Just before the main characters descend down these winding steps, they must remove stones with faces carved on them, once the stones are removed, sand starts to pour out and a stone construction begins to assemble which stands upright.

As I have alluded to before, sand represents sexual or creative energies in an ancient cultural sense.

So what this scene is alluding to is that heads of stone are blocking the sand from being released or our heads are blocking or repressing our sexual energy.

Once the head is removed the sands or sexual energy starts to flow again and the construction with which we are made of and which guides us can be erected.

The mummy

Clay and scorpions represent sexual creative life forces and their power to create life.

Imagerary within the film the mummy the dragon emperor.

Clay soldiers, clay represents sexual energies.

Scorpian King, scorpions represent sexual energies and this real possibility that people will succumb to their animal sexual nature, indulge in sex to much and the sexual energies will take control in the form of the scorpion King.

Sexual or creative life symbolism in the bible.

Bible – mankind made of clay.

Clay and sand represent the creative life forces or sexual energies, as they lie on the earth and are just above it.

Satan made of fire.

Fire is just above the earth and burns on the ground, so the idea of Satan being made of fire and the fire being in his eyes represents sexual creative life forces.

Exorcist – child becomes possessed and says “your mother sucks cocks in hell” , all references to sexual or creative energies and the repression of them or attaining them to become more creative.

The child represents what the sexual creative life force wants to do, create life. The possession of the child by the devil or Satan represents a blockage within this person, where by the creative life forces cannot rise.

If any of these symbols come up in dreams, they all represent your relationship with your creative and sexual nature.

Biblical books to consider, “the sex lives of the popes”.

Qoutes worth considering “Ireland is sexually repressed” .