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Becoming Disciples of Jesus


This first Module is aimed at building a strong foundation as followers of Jesus Christ. We can only help others to become disciples

as far as we have been discipled ourselves.

What we teach others must be in accordance with our own life. We have to be true disciples following Jesus wholeheartedly.  In that way we are being 

transformed to His image, and in time we can join Paul in saying:

“Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.”(1st Cor 11v1)

“As the Son was sent by the Father (131) so He too sent the Apostles, saying: “Go,

therefore, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father

and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things

whatsoever I have commanded you. And behold I am with you all days even to

the consummation of the world” (132) The Church has received this solemn

mandate of Christ to proclaim the saving truth from the apostles and must carry it out to the very ends of the earth.(133)

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Psalms and Prayers.

The Psalms and Prayers expressed in this liturgy imitate the feelings of the nation and their emotions, for times of peace and war, health and sickness, triumphs and disasters.

Where the devout individuals move ever closer towards God who is close and dear to them.

There are Psalms and Prayers for times of peace and war, where we can read how some Psalms burst out in anger, while others express a quiet and calming confidence.

Reflecting here upon our thoughts and how we can express our feelings – even of anger and disappointment – toward experiences we may encounter in life.

Through them we can find words to pray in similar situations in our own life.

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Hi friends, I would like to share the experience about my practice for the Third eye awakening.

I had no knowledge about the third vision, as I was not from a spiritual background. I was a devotee of Lord Ganesha and my Guru Shivanand Dadaji had promised me that one day I will be able to see him.

Although this was unbelievable for me, but my father wanted me to try for this and I started as per my Guru’s guidance.

It took about an year for me to awaken my Third eye, but it took 6 months for my younger sister and a month for my Mother. May be because they were powerful devotee of Guru Shivanand Dadaji. The duration depends from people to people.

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Our Baptismal of fire.

Proof that Christ will come with fire 🔥.

1. Scientifically we know change is a constant, we can see this from the movement of the  planets and our weather system.

So we know what ever state we are in, that this will change.

2. We can also deduce that what ever happens outside of us, also happens within, this is the fundamental theory behind a lot of Scientific discoveries, electron theory is one example where we can not observe the behaviour of electrons but we deduce that they behave in the same manner as the phenomenon outside of us, our weather etc.

3. We know there are elements.

So if we can deduce all this scientifically, we know we are governed by a particular element internally presently and we know this will change.

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Is the Biblical God nasty?

Hello my atheist buddies. Y’all keep saying The Biblical God is nasty, unfriendly and downright wicked to have created an everlasting Hellish Lake of Fire to punish evil God-rejectors.
You also claim that this Hellish Lake of Fire hasn’t been proven by science when it actually has been proven.

Nice poisoning the well fallacious reasoning from you plus appeal to emotions plus denials do NOT equate to proving your moral case against Hell, sorry.

  • You’ve failed to show HOW The Biblical Hell is unscientific.
  • You’ve failed to show HOW Christ’s Vicarious Sacrifice for YOUR sins and that of humanity is unfriendly.
  • You’ve failed to show HOW God punishing pedophiles, rapists, mass murderers and God-rejectors is nasty.

The Biblical God’s moral justification for The Biblical Hell stands quite tall. Escape it while you can. ❤️

Gardening advice.

I have melon plants growing well in the polytunnel. I have them trained up a rope. They are doing great. I haven’t trimmed any of them yet. There’s 1 main stem climbing up a rope with 3 or stems coming from the base with lots of small fruit forming on each stem. What do I cut or keep? Thanks 🙏

What are the benefits of taking Glucosamine?

I read Glucosamine plays a vital role in building and repairing cartilage. Many people take glucosamine supplements in the hope of boosting their joint health. Do they work? Glucosamine is a natural sugar that exists in the fluid around the joints, as well as in animal bones, bone marrow, shellfish, and fungi.

Has anyone had success with taking any supplements like these:

glucosamine (shellfish free), Hyaluronic, chondroitin, turmeric, collagen, MSM

If so, what brand recommendations? What research have you found that might be useful as I figure out how to best manage pain- especially from degeneration in neck /back, bulging discs, sciatica, hip pain?


Glucosamine is said to be a compound that’s naturally produced by the body. Most commonly, it exists in our cartilage and helps create the proteins and fats that repair our cartilage when it’s damaged.

Glucosamine isn’t commonly found in foods, but it is often sold as a supplement in drops, capsules, or topical forms. Supplements can be made from the shells of shellfish or be produced artificially. Taking glucosamine supplements may offer health benefits, particularly for joint pain such as arthritis. 

Health Benefits

Glucosamine supplements can provide some important health benefits. Early trials suggest that glucosamine may have some antioxidant effects that can improve our eye health — which is particularly helpful for people with conditions like glaucoma.

In addition, glucosamine can provide benefits like:

Reduced Joint Pain

Studies around the world have shown that glucosamine appears to reduce joint pain, especially among people with osteoarthritis. In fact, the scientific support for glucosamine is so strong that the compound is available as a medicinal substance — not just as a supplement — in the U.K. and other areas of Europe. 

Supplements of combined glucosamine and chondroitin — a related compound also found in cartilage — have been shown to be as effective as osteoarthritis medications such as celecoxib (CeleBREX). For people who do not react well to nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs like celecoxib, glucosamine supplements may be a safe and effective way to reduce symptoms of arthritis.

May Reduce Inflammation

Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements may also help reduce chronic inflammation, which is linked to a number of potential health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. This may be part of the reason why glucosamine reduces arthritis pain. Studies have linked regular consumption of glucosamine supplements with lower levels of inflammation. Regularly taking the supplements can help lower your risk of a number of chronic conditions. 

May Improve Bone Health

While more research needs to be done, early studies suggest that glucosamine supplements may help prevent the progression of osteoporosis post-menopause. Glucosamine appears to help reduce the weakening of bones by supporting healthy bone growth. This makes the supplements especially helpful for people who are at risk of developing osteoporosis as they age.

Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Back Yards.

Book Recommendation – Noah’s Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Back Yards

“You plant nut treees and I’ll plant spruce, you keep a berry thicket and I’ll do the tall grass, or the bog, the woodlot, the crowds of fruiting shrubs and beds of wildflowers. But let us weave them together into something big enough to matter by connecting each patch with others at the corners and along the boundaries. This is the rich, new landscape; this is the new kind of gardener who asks not whether he should plant this ornament or another but which patch is missing from his community, how he can provide it, and how animals will move from his patch to the next.

This is the ark.

This is not someone else’s problem. We—you and I and everyone who has a yard of any size—own a big chunk of this country. Suburban development has wrought habitat destruction on a grand scale. As these tracts expand, they increasingly squeeze the remaining natural ecosystems, fragment them, sever corridors by which plants and animals might refill the voids we have created. To reverse this process—to reconnnect as many plant and animal species as we can to rebuild intelligent suburban ecosystems—requires a new kind of garden, new techniques of gardening, and, I emphasize, a new kind of gardener.

Yards and gardens patched with grass and stitched with hedges all across America constitute a vast, nearly continuous, and terribly impoverished ecosystem for which we ourselves, with our mowers, shears, and misguided choice of plants, are responsible. We cannot in fairness rail against those who destroy the rain forest or threaten the spotted owl when we have made our own yards uninhabitable. Yet how quickly we could grow this land, spangle it with blazing stars, stripe it with red winterberries and white summersweet, let it wave again with grass!”

How did God create man?

For those who claim God created man.. let’s settle this claim right here right now.. Explain in detail start to finish… How does God and God alone create man? Describe the method God uses and the criteria to which one is created with any deformities or born with a chronic illness? Here is your opportunity to clear this up once and for all..