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Psalms and Prayers.

The Psalms and Prayers expressed in this liturgy imitate the feelings of the nation and their emotions, for times of peace and war, health and sickness, triumphs and disasters.

Where the devout individuals move ever closer towards God who is close and dear to them.

There are Psalms and Prayers for times of peace and war, where we can read how some Psalms burst out in anger, while others express a quiet and calming confidence.

Reflecting here upon our thoughts and how we can express our feelings – even of anger and disappointment – toward experiences we may encounter in life.

Through them we can find words to pray in similar situations in our own life.

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Atheists say the Bible is rubbish.

The Bible has a book of wisdom, there are many passages particularly within proverbs which puts the attainment of wisdom above all else.

I would have thought the Bible would been an atheists favourite book


I honestly don’t understand how some atheists can say that the Bible is absolute rubbish.

I think we have to go back to the times the books of the Bible were written for, how people of those times would have possibly obsessed over material things . Perhaps to gain a social footing in society, but the Bible comes along as a socially popular narrative which proclaims the importance of wisdom above anything else.

Right now I’m reading the books of Ezra and Nehemiah and how the stories back then reflect our lives right now, how an easier way of living is actually stopping people from following faith and perhaps making people dumber.