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Building muscle and getting fitter.

Learn to build muscle easily.

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This is my story of how I struggled to put on weight and build muscle.

I have always felt like the skinny guy and used to go down to the gym regularly to try and get bigger.

You get all kinds of information from bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition magazines and websites etc.

Information which leads you into eating copious amounts of meat, food etc to maintain your muscle mass or the idea that you need to eat x amount of calories or eat to a schedule, ignoring your natural rhythms and digestive orges is portrayed.

In my experience everyone is different and what I found worked for me would probably shock a lot of people.

The Gym or training statement or mantra “stay hungry”, not only means to be motivated and keep chasing your dream of getting bigger, stronger, fitter etc, but also is referencing the importance of fasting and staying hungry and you’ll realise that when you are hungry or fasting before a gym session, it is a lot easier to stay motivated.

Over consuming calories only leads to a lethargic workout and a clouded mind which can’t think clearly.

My Pre workout routine included loading up on complex carbohydrates (brown rice, brown bread etc) the night before.

Next day I would fast, that’s right I would stop eating for about 16 – 20 hours.

Throughout that day, I wouldn’t eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Then at about 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the afternoon I would feel my stomach really rumbling, then I worked out as hard as I could.

What I found amazed me, I had an endless amount of energy, the only thing that stopped me from exercising was the pain in my muscles and bones.

– Caution should be noted here, that over exercising can lead to injury, fatigue etc, and one should not exceed what they perceive their own limitations to be -.

A few days later I had noticed that my muscles had grown significantly bigger than when I was abiding by the conventional gym and fitness mantra, of eating to a schedule, Pre workout eating, post workout eating etc.

Not to say that you don’t need to eat, you just have to be mindful that you can over do it on the eating side.

Over eating clouds your judgment, leading to making poor decisions when considering your workout routines.

Fasting clears your mind.

I realised that this was the way all animals in the nature got stronger.

There’s is no animal that exercises vigorously until it is hungry.

When you fast there is no energy digesting food in your stomach, so all that energy goes back into your muscles and loads them up.

If you think about it, when you are digesting food and working out at the same time, your body has divided its energy stores between doing two major things, this leads to poor workouts and a lack of gains when trying to break that lifting plateau.

I noticed, that when I fasted my mind cleared, and this brings us into a spiritual topic which you can relate to exercising, that the Bible and many other faiths advocate fasting for its aid in clearing not only our minds, but our whole system.

After exercising vigorously, during my fast, I would feast on whatever I craved.

This is a technique which has worked for me, for a long time now.

I woukd like to note, as to when you rearrange some animal names, you come up with some interesting words or phrases.

Lioness becomes “no lies”.
Monkey becomes “key monk”.

Were our ancient ancestors looking to the nature for inspiration on becoming better, and perhaps they were saying that there were no lies in the animal world, what you see is what you get.

That the monkey is the key monk.

The monkey is the true master monk, the master of life.

You can even stretch your imagination to believe that the word Donkey is “Dawn-key”.

The “key or chi” at the “Dawn” as the sun rises.

Give up your sun or Monstraint and stay hungry.