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The sea men of Sacramento

Gizza’bel and his wife had cometh, and they came into the seas of Sacramento, where they found his sea men.

His sea men were everywhere, in the waters and all over the solar barge.

There was nothing but sea men, everywhere.

These sea men, had been swimming in the waters a long time, but to their dismay didn’t find or catch anything.

The sea men were also fishing, and no matter how many times they pulled their rods up and down, jerking back and forth, these sea men could not catch a bite.

Gizza’bel had come to retain his sea men, for he had promised to help them catch something for supper.

He came to teach his sea men, that they had been pulling their rods up and down for too long and that this was the reason no life had surfaced from the waters.

That the sea men needed to wait at least for as long as the moon made its cycle.

For when the moon was in full cyclical view, the waters would rise and fill with life.

Gizza’bel said to the sea men, that even they themselves would feel like they had come alive when the waters rose with the moon.

But that the sea men had to be wary, that when all life did surface from the waters and felt alive that they needed to pay close attention to the big black cat.

For she would eat everything, even the sea men.

There was many a struggle with this illusive cat, some called her the pussy cat, while others referred to her as the sphincter.

But as long as the sea men could wait for the moon to rise the waters and bring life, and they could with hold the sphincter or pussy cat back, and when the sea men could see the waters rise with their eyes, then they were safe, then they could wish for any lifeforms to rise out of the waters and it would manifest.

The sea men were delighted with this, and were no longer worried, they had almost become light-hearted, for the sun had also rose, the light was present, and it was time to fish.

For some sea men said that they even seen their own children rise from the waters, while the sea men swam.

Others did not believe the sea men when they said that all life had come from the water and that they had only seen this in a dream and that it was not real.

But the sea men knew and even Gizza’bel and his wife had said it themselves, that when they came into the seas of Sacramento and Gizza’bel retained his sea men, that they had seen their own children swimming in the waters and rising out as if being birthed from the mouth of the river.

Even as Gizza’bel’s wife spoke, her lips did open, she said something, and at her surprise she said she heard the sea men say “her children were swimming in the seas of Sacramento”.

Will I be long, Longing to belong to you?


Longing for you, will it be long?

I belong to you, do you think we or I will be long or will I belong or longing for you?
When will you cometh, will I cometh too,
The Lord says he will cometh, I hope you will cometh too?

Do I belong, or will I be long coming to you.
When will it dawn on you, that we belong as two?

Why do you not cometh?, is it because I long for you so?
As if I wanted you for a selfish woh.
If it is so, then I must be desireless, for it is because I know, that we cannot be so.

This creative life must flow, upward where desire does not know.
Ascending the path where there is nothing, you must know.

We are always connected and yet it does not seem so, through imagery suggested our creative love does flow.

Like the sands of time and that which hugs or crawls on the earth’s floor. All Of creation lies in wait to be created once more.

All who have succeeded have come to feel your creative life of love, filling our hearts like some creative love bug.

Like a child your creative life must climb, into the clouds and up and up into the pyramid waters of the mind.

And although you do test me, time and again, my love does not wain, for I love you in spite of the pain, and you shall see me rise in golden orange hue, for these are the colours I will wear for you.

But when I have a risen and white light is shone upon high, my colours of dawn will turn violet in your eye.

Then you will see me up in the sky, way upon the clouds way up on high.

I will erect me a temple, In worship of you, a third temple in adoration of the ewe.
For he who did ressurect for me and for you, a temple shall rise erect for us two.

For the flame shall burn bright in our hearts, and the light shall shine for our love to start.
Like twins we are from apart, it is only you who connects above and below and to my heart.

For then I shall rise like the colours of the sunrise inside me, and they shall say to me O sir rise.
For it was he who rose again and whose temple must erect and rise.

For his pen is written and his rise and fall is true, and so his temple shall rise erect for us too.

For if this does not happen and it is not true, then we shall not meat and the snake and scorpion and fire will rule.

The fires of creation shall burn us orange or red and rise into our eyes and our love shall be dead.

A world without joy, a world without sorrow.
My beloved baby I wouldn’t see you tommorow.

A world without joy, a world without sight.
My beloved creative child I wouldn’t dream of you tonight.

Are you longing for me? Will we belong as three.
If you belong in me, then I will be long in you.

Only time will tell us, only the colours of the sun can heal and guide us.

We will only know when the sun rises, when the cock does crow, when the light does grow and guides us.