Giving up the cash…

In an earlier post I proposed the idea that each chakra or energy centre inside us represents a level on our planet and a colour of the sun, that we need to give parts of ourselves up associated with our planet as the sun rises inside us.

Re’son’ate at this free’qu-een’ci.

Resonate at the frequency of your desire's. Re'son'ate at the free'qu-een'ci of your do'ci're's.. Manifest your goal's... Man'i'fest fast, with the ke(y)'tone's of life. With a tree (3) diamond golden leaf and a bell eye butt tone.. For the path of life is made with your stones... Become the ki'ing or Qu'een of your own … Continue reading Re’son’ate at this free’qu-een’ci.

Re-flex-ology and the little pig.

Don’t become a hot dog.

Re-flex-ology and the little pig.

“This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed at home.
This little piggy had roast beef.
And This little piggy had none.
This little piggy went wee.! wee.! Wee.!, all the way home”.

This nursery rhyme popped into my head the other day, it is a rhyme which I fondly think of when I think of my grandmother.

The 9th and final sign, “Day of purification”.

Frank. H. Waters. (Frank & honest waters). Kachina (Kat-chi-na) blue star hopi prophecy, 9th and final sign - Sexual transmutation and cat references. (cat - 9 lives - 9th sign). According to author Frank Waters - Hopi prophecy states "that you will hear of a dwelling (well) place in the heaven's just above the earth (above the root or earth is sacral), that shall fall with a great crash (blue water).