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Was Jesus a seminarian or semin Arian?.

Did Jesus attend a seminary or semin Ary?

What is a seminarian?.

Seminarian definition:

A student whom attends a seminary.

What is a seminary?.

Seminary definition:

A theological school where priests train.

Maybe we should look at these words differently and ask the question as to what is a semin-Arian or semin-ary?.

Is a semin-Arian or semin-ary an Arian who retains their semin?, so as to transmute their sexual energy into more creative or Holy / Godly pursuits.

Transmuting their sexual creative energy and directing it towards their heart and love of God.

Is this what Jesus is doing when he can be seen in images where his heart is on fire, directing the fire in his sacral or sexual chakra and retaining his semin so as to direct it towards the heart and ultimately towards God, making him a seminarian or semin Arian.

We often here words in the English language which end in the word arian, examples include vegetarian, fruitarian, breatharian, sumarian etc.

But where does this word Arian originate and what is its true meaning.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was a Russian occultist, philosopher and author who co-founded the theosophical society in 1875 in New York City.

Blavatsky promoted the idea that their were seven root races whom would assemble on our planet.

Root races are stages in human evolution in esoteric cosmology according to Blavatsky.

Five root races have only appeared so far.

Root races:

1st root race: Polarian

2nd root race: hyperborean

3rd root race: Lemurian

4th root race: Atlantean

5th root race: Arian

6th root race:

7th root race:

It is interesting to note that in Blavatsky’s vision of human spiritual evolution, that only five root races have appeared on our planet so far and that the fifth root race are coincidently called Arian.

It is also interesting to note that the race before the Arian races are Atlantean.

Could Arians have come from a civilisation in the Atlantic Ocean and had moved towards Europe after the submerging of their civilisation due to climate change, first migrating towards Ireland and giving its name Eiren which is derived from the name Arian.

But we still don’t understand as to the meaning of the word Arian.

It is interesting to note that Arians are the fifth root race according to Blavatsky’s esoteric cosmological interpretation.

Could we draw correlations between Indian understanding of chakra’s and Blavatsky’s understating of root races.

Could the Arian race be the fifth root race because they are awakened in the fifth chakra according to Indian spiritual philosophy?.

The fifth chakra is the throat and is associated with communication or manipulation of the airwaves, you breath air through your throat.

Their is no other chakra or energy centre more associated with air than the throat or fifth chakra.

Is this why Arians are known as the fifth root race and also why they have called themselves Arians, because they are awakened in the fifth chakra or throat, they manipulate the air in the form of communication.

Arians are awakened communicators, politicians, socialites, media moguls etc.

Arians command the air or rain, or the chakra associated with the air.

They have written languages such Celtic, romantic languages etc and have dominated in shaping the belief systems of people through stories and entertainment across the world.

The Irish or Eiren are known to be great story tellers, Eiren or Ireland is admired for its advancement in the written word, dominating in communicative pursuits such as poetry, storytelling etc.

The Bible comments upon the idea that only Gods word will remain, while stating his “in the
Beginning was the word and the word was God or with God” or “in the beginning God begins to name everything”.

These passages within the bible conjure up ideas that Gods or Christ’s awakening was communicative and through the fifth or throat chakra, but before you awaken in the throat you must first be Christ like and awaken in the heart.

Another interesting word worth noting is the word Media, and if my assertions of the origin of the word Arian or the Arian people are right and that they migrated towards Ireland or Eiren after the fall of Atlantis, well then it would not take too much imagination to come to the conclusion that the word media has a Celtic, Gaelic, Arian or Irish meaning.

The word Media can be broken up and translated into Irish to reveal the words “Mé Dia”, translating as “My God” in Irish, and conjuring up the idea that every piece of media whether it is a song, poetry, a film, cartoon etc comes from a higher self or from God.

Now the world awaits the beginning of the sixth root race, whom will awaken in the sixth chakra, which is the brow or mind and is associated with the third eye, imagination, dreams etc.

The colour of the 6th or brow chakra is indigo, and it is quite a fitting coincidence that the world also waits for the coming of the indigo children, whom will help the world bridge the gap between our physical realty and our dreams or this material world and God.

So if Christ was awakening in the throat and God directed and guided him to become a master politician or socialite, then Christ’s second coming will be about logic and rational and his ministry will take on all the attributes of the mind or brow chakra.

It is interesting to note that you don’t become fully conscious of your own existence until the mind is awakened.

God or the universe exists within a potential state and is sleeping, not fully conscious of its own existence and it will not become fully conscious of its own existence until it awakens in the mind or brown chakra.

God is that which chooses to love everything, communicates with everything and understands or see’s everything etc.

It is interesting to note that Hindu and Buddhist texts comment on the coming of a future Buddha or avatar, called the kalki Maitreya.

It is said that things do not exist until the coming of Maitreya and the kalki avatar is Gods beginning and end according to Hindu spiritual texts.

Kalki sounds similar to calcium or calcite which is a white milky substance in the English language.

Cáilce means chalky in Irish, the kalki avatar is known as the white teacher.

According to Buddhist spiritual texts Maitreya is said to comprehend all things, this conjures up an idea of awakening in the mind as it is one of the primary functions of the mind to comprehend things.

Maitreya is said to come from an island in the west.

The word avatar may also have a relationship with the English language and may be derived from the word aviator, aviation, avian etc.

Conjuring the idea that avatars in Hindu texts take the flight into the air or throat and become awakened communicatively or logically etc.

So what will Christ call himself in this new age of information, logic , rational etc?.

I imagine his name will have something to do with the mind or sixth chakra and transmutation of the sexual life force.

Maybe he will be a semin Sky, or seminsky.

What about Dawn eye, the eye that see’s the dawn of the golden age.

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