Solfegio audio tone playlist


Certain tones and frequencies have been used to balance and bring harmony to our lives.

Play the tone to feel the vibe.

14.7 – 417-369-963 hz

All solfegio tones

Tone 963-964 hz

Tone 639-640 hz

Tone 528-529 hz

Tone 432 hz

417-418 hz

417 clear negativity + third eye

Low tones

A lot of attention is given to the balancing power of tones and frequencies, particularly frequencies between 258 hertz and 963 Hertz.

But little attention is given to frequencies of a lower tone, below 100 Hertz.

These low tones may be influencing our energy on a daily basis and it might be a good idea to add them within the sound we listen to.

Low tones 14.9 / 19.7 / 28.5 / 36.9 Hertz respectively.

More tones 3rd eye tone / 417+ / 3rd eye negativity clear / 417-963 Hertz respectively.

417 hz solfegio

Brain healing sounds