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Seeing the Holy Spirit in everyday occurrences.

We often associate the Holy Spirit in Christian tradition, with a dove on fire.

But can this symbolism be seen else where.

I believe it can.

If we ask ourselves, essentially what is the Holy spirit symbolised as, only a bird in flames.

This imagery presents itself particularly clearly in mythology with the phoenix, where certain modern day fantasy films have taken this imagery and inserted it into particular scenes and themes.

The film Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix is one such film where this imagery is present.

The film X-Men is another where the character of the phoenix presents itself.

While trying to understand the nature of the Holy Spirit and whether this imagery represents and actual bird on fire, we may look to Hindu understanding of energy centres to try and discern this topic… πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Interestingly, it is the solar plexus which is associated with the heart organ and fire, perhaps moving us ever closer to an understanding of an internal change which transforms us.

While trying to understand the nature of this change we may also apply Hindu understanding of energy centres and apply it to the scene in X-Men apocalypse, when phoenix destroys Apocalypse…


We may ask ourselves why Apocalypse is portrayed as being a dark blue color, while reflecting on the energy centre which this color represents.

The imagery of Apocalypse represents the mind and perhaps in particular, the male ego mind.

Here with this scene in X-Men Apocalypse, Phoenix is presented purely as female, although both characters may have equal amounts of male and female within and without, but for simplicity we will keep to the theme of genders as it is presented within this scene.

Here we can see how Phoenix or the Holy Spirit totally annialates Apocalypse, simply because he only thinks of himself and has no-one to help him.

What the power of the Holy Spirit does to us is breaks our mind and our identity with our ego, shattering every assumption of control we may think we have in life.

When our mind is broken like this, scripture prompts us to follow and walk with Christ, opening our hearts to one another, to make new connections in faith.

While focusing on others we find new allognments beginning to blossom, new friendships begin to emerge and an allingment with what other spiritual traditions call twin flames.

Feeling that everything is eternally lost while merging into an eternal union… πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

This transformative process is the Holy spirits safe guard, it is how it can ensure its children are protected as it brings new relationships together.