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...mi lion air re..

The Millionaire routine…

Waking up at 3:30 AM & the millionaire routine, while this is the millionaire routine, this is my routine every morning, Wherein I wake up automatically between 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM.

While a prayer is said at 3:00 AM, an upwardly gaze is maintained, whereby the eyes are closed and looking up as if looking out through a 3rd eye within my mind…

Keeping the creative force high within the throat by praying, as to not letting it descend, allowing it to create on a higher level.

While upon waking at 5:00 AM and looking for Christ for 30 mins, plan some exercise, perhaps a walk with Christ for 3 mins…

Try it you will feel amazing, it will set you up for the whole day…

Pertaining to the suggestion of an early rise with Christ, it is interesting to note how all successful people awaken early?

Why successful people wake up early.

There’s something special that happens at 3:³⁰ am.

Something special happens at 3:30 AM…

Do you wake up between 3:00 and 5:00 AM.

Do you wake up between 3:00 and 5:00 AM…

This is why all billionaires wake up at 4:00 AM.

This is why all Billionaires wake up exactly at 4:00 AM…

Why do all successful people wake up early?

Wherein Christian monks advocate prayer at 3:00 AM or PM, for at 3:30 AM there is a special moment within the day when you are closest to God…, While observing how Freemasons have noted this number as significant, implementing it within the design and angle of freemasonry lodges and buildings, pertaining to the number 33 degrees a Free masonic number…

There are 33 million gods worshiped within the Hindu faith, while the number 33,000,000, presents three naughts repeating a pattern twice..

Noting within many Celtic cultures where drinking is observed until 3:00 AM, while maintaining a state of alertness or awakening, as conversations flow in good spirits upon the streets until 5:00 AM.

Edging us ever closer as we adhere to an ancient spiritual realisation as some sort of late night and early morning ancient ritual, as spirits are consumed while in good spirits, in conversation with a spirit.

Reflecting upon the consumption of wine at Christian ceremonies, while the ancient Egyptian cult of Osiris ate bread and drank beer.

Upon observation of how all successful people maintain an awakening routine, wherein they rise at 4:00 AM, it may yet still not be early enough to rise and find Christ.

Whereby we may contemplate the idea of the second coming, while the second is synonymous with time and perhaps being in tune with time, waking up at the right times to connect to the Universe, Christ or God.

While we might surmise that the second coming is also associated with the number two and a 2:00 AM wake up call.

Wherein within Revelation 22:16 , a passage within the Bible is written, where Christ declares himself the morning star, while the planet Venus is known as the morning star as it appears like a star rising in the morning because of its closeness to the sun and a reflection from the sun’s light which makes it appear as if it is a star.

The planet Venus rises between two and five hours before the rising of the sun, before twilight which would suggest 2:00 – 5:00 AM, depending upon the time of year and the angle or orientation of planet earth.

The second as in the number two, may also suggest why it is believed the second coming of Christ shall be throughout the years 2020 – 2021 – 2022, etc.

Wherein we must make haste to be ready and awaken at 2:00 AM within these years, for if you are still thinking of low vibrational thoughts, Christ will pass through you and his efforts to work within you shall be fruitless…

The year 2020 when added together 20 + 20 = 40, brings about the number 40, wherein it was 40 days while Jesus was tempted by Satan, 40 days of floods in Noah’s time, 40 years the Jews wondered as nomads.

4 seasons in the year encircling like a “0”, while a sense of completion, wholeness or emptiness within the “0”..

In 2020 a 2020 vision of clarity shall come upon you within, be awake lest the Devil convinces you that your life is only a dream, for he shall say unto you, you were asleep.

Observing the path of the planet Venus in the years 2020 to 2021…


The word AMEN may also suggest an early rise, for when this word is broken up and it is assumed that the letter “M” appears twice, the word “AM-MEN” is revealed, suggesting that AMEN are the AM MEN, the men of the morning star..

Rising for the second coming, for the bud or Buddha emerging like a seed which is retained within a Garden, to grow into an incarnation turning the wheel of light for the second time, rising with Maitreya, mai-3-eye…

Chanting AUM at AM.

Sailing toward the sea men, who are the men who rise at sé or 6 AM to say Sé Amen, for they are the Sé AM men who rise at 6 AM.

Rising with the lion within to become a Millionaire, or “mi” “lion” “air” “re”…

Do,re,mi – 1,2,3.

“mi” “lion” “air” “re”…
“3” “lions” “air” “2”…

The lion which ascends into the air from the ground, soil or “re” within ..

While it is also noted within Ancient Chinese knowledge of Meridians, how each Meridian is associated with chi or qi which flows through everything within certain times of the day.


Wherein dreams had recently suggest a move toward Mathematics, as dreams of trigonometry…, are present and yet there is a sense which cant help but note how the number 3 as in “tri” is present within this word twice, “3 gnome 3”.

Wherein the word “nome” means home in Latin which would suggest that the number 3, Maths and trigonometry are associated with home in a spiritual ascension sense.

3 home 3… – “tri” “gnome” “try”…

While writing this post and pondering right now, how a need to wake up early this year came across me and thinking of the synchronistic numbers which frequent from time to time over the last number of years and yet a feeling they have been telling me to wake up at these times all along…


13,11 suggesting to stay awake at these times to unite with your Twin flame, Bride or Soul mate…

11:11, 11:13, 13:11, 13:11, 01:01, 01:11, 01:13…

As it is within the word Heaven where the words “he have eve even”, suggesting an early rise at dawn to make the eve or evening even, wherein it was Adam or Adawn who rose for his other half Eve…

dawn rising...


dawn rising...


Many dreams have pointed me towards a spiritual origin, one such dream I had in December 2019 was of God descending from a mountain.

I became very worried in this dream, and was almost getting very upset by God’s descent.

I had started to spontaneously wake up at 3 am in the morning at this time and there seems to be a lot of energy running through me at this time.

I normally stretch to releive this pent up energy.

I realised that my awareness had been shifting into the solar plexus over the last few months, as i now see a yellow sun rising in my dreams.

Since 2012 I have been awakening and this has sparked very vivid dreams and visions inside me.

Back in 2012 I intuitively came to understand that we had a beginning and an end.

Because we moved from one cycle, which was the kali Yuga in hindu spiritual philosophy, which is like a dark or iron age and that kali age was coming to a close in 2008.

At that time the world would have been obsessed over material possessions and sexual gratification.

At that time I intuitively came to understand that the root chakra represents the material of this earth.

So as we were exiting kali yuga in 2008, it was the end of the world, because we were leaving the awareness of the root or material, and this represented worldly things.

So it was the end of the world, but we also entered back into the world’s awareness through the root and entered into a new galactic cycle called Satya yuga or a golden age of aquarius

We were exiting and entering the awareness of the root chakra, which meant a beginning and an end to worldly, material things and a beginning and end to the world.

But now in 2019, 7 years later our vibration has increased through the root and sacral chakra to awaken the solar plexus chakra.

The sacral chakra represents anything which lies or crawls on the ground, it is associated with sexuality.

A child is created through sexual Union, a child crawls on the ground or you perform a sexual act while perhaps lieing down on the ground.

Anything which lies or crawls on the ground represents the sexual, creative level.

Examples include, clay, soil, water, ants, scorpions, snakes, beetles etc represent the sacral level, in a tribal or a cultural sense and even in an ancient egyptian sense.

The root and sacral are the physical part with which we are exiting in 2019.

From 2012 I would have deamt of flashing lights, then a red sun rising in 2014, an orange sun in 2016 and now a yellow sun in 2019.

This is akin to a sun rising inside me which is affecting the vibration of every chakra, from the root to the heart.

At the beginning I saw flashing lights and didn’t realise what they were, every time I would close my eyes I would see lights flashing.

This was akin to twilight, when the sun starts to rise, before you realise it is a sun.

When the sun came up it was a red colour, which made me focus on the root and people of the earth and root cultures.

Then in 2016 an orange sun came up in my dream, which made me focus on the sacral, which meant focusing on the place I was born, my family and my community etc.

As my awareness moved into the sacral chakra, I intuitively started making videos about things to do with this chakra, which meant talking and writing about celibacy and sexual transmutation.

But In 2019 I seen a yellow sun emerge and this is to do with the solar plexus and I reaslied that those who are awakening have been focused on the root and sacral chakras, which means their awareness has been focused on others of the earth and the people with which they were born with or grew up with.

Now in 2019 as those who are awakening shift their awareness into the solar plexus by abstaining and by the higher vibrations of the galaxy, that they will begin to focus on their own lives and on themselves and will no longer project their focus on to others and this is why in 2019 it is also seen as an end to the world.

Because those who were trying to help the world will no longer do this, all they could have done has been done.

Unfortunately if humanity has not listened, then the end is near.

I notice myself now in 2019 focusing on myself rather that on others, which is a welcoming sign for me as I felt like my life was on hold for the last 7 years and devoted to others.

I look in the mirror a lot more since my solar plexus has begun to open, I appreciate myself more.

My awareness has shifted towards myself, but I also have an interest in helping the light workers now, where as before I would have souly focused my energy on my family and others of my community and of the earth.

Now my awareness is shifted souly on myself and one thing I noticed when my awareness was in the sacral chakra was that I felt like a child as it is within the sacral chakra the child is created, so it is only fitting that you mature or become a man or woman within the solar plexus.

This may also be what the bible is saying, that their is 7 years tribulation and it has been 7 years from 2012 to 2019, since the beginning of the end and 2019 is now the end of the world again.

So 2019 is the end where the light workers begin to fucus their energy on themselves and each other., instead of the world.

So this is the end and my dream of God coming down from the mountain is very significant aswell at this moment, while i sensed that God was descending as I dreamt of looking up to a mountain and feeling, there was God.

I predicted that things would really change in 2020 as they had with a global lock down due to an outbreak of the coronavirus.

Something worth noting about the numbers in the years from 2010 to 2019, was that there was a “1” in them and I feel that the “1” represents an “I” for intuition.

Which meant within these years we were intuitively understating our world, but this also meant that our heads or our minds got in the way of this awakening process.

I had intuitively understood in 2012, that the universe goes through something akin to a pregnancy period.

“0’s” represent the empty womb or Universe, the “1’s” represents intuition, intellect or consciousness inside the womb.

The “2” is like a wave which connects the two.

Each number represents a cycle with which the Universe is going through.

The “9” is the eventual seed or sprout emerging.

2019 represented “1” for intellect, intuitively intellectualising the seed, basically understanding fertility, sexual sublimation, transmutation etc.

But in 2020 you have two “2’s” and two “0’s”, which represents connecting to the “0’s”, empty womb or universe.

It is fitting how the womb is part of the solar plexus.

In 2019 the “1” represented the mind trying to understand this process, but the mind was getting in the way.

But in 2020 there is no “1”, no mind interfering. In 2020 there will be a great clearing, a crystal clear or 2020 vision will appear and it is fitting how Mayans comment on the crystal skull for the year 2020.


But I also feel that 2020 could be a year of great emptiness and loneliness as the “0’s” suggest, but it can also represent clarity.

What I learnt from my awareness within the root and sacral chakras, while they were awakening, was the similarities all cultures, faiths and societies had in their expression of sound, whether they chant, sing, pray, play musical instruments, bowls, bells etc.

It all represented sound to me, and how they all attributed their success to their sexual energy and that to attain what you wanted in life, you had to abstain.



Celibacy process

While a course of celibacy throughout teenage years was employed as motivation increased to exercise and work out.

Thoughts of feeling of being addicted to exercise came about, as a realisation now of being addicted to this energy which was rising through me, as stretching and exercise in the gym helped this energy rise.

Now in my thirties a realisation dawned within how Gurus and Yogis advocate, to stretch to do yoga.

It helps this energy rise, this creative or sexual energy within.

You perceive this energy to be sexual, this is your first perception of it, but if you let it rise you will start to perceive it as emotional, or psychological or mental energy, it’s the same force or energy only you perceive it differently, through different parts of yourself.

As the celibacy process progressed throughout teenage years, a feeling to become more compassionate and generous ensued.

This journey of celibacy helps you realise how you are selfish, as you become selfless, and realise that is the only way, every other way has too many potential problems.

While finding people becoming more attracted to you , particularly those of the opposite sex as you become celibate.

Whereas as getting older and growing into my twenties, I found it more difficult to maintain celibacy, as there was a lot of change in my life, while starting to come into contact with members of the opposite sex more frequently.

While each time being in a rut, a thought came to be celibate, wherein after a few weeks of being celibate the heart came back to life and good feeling came into it.

Once a connection of love was felt, through the process of celibacy, it was easy to attract what was loved in life, while the celibacy process would intuitively bring ideas into my mind, as to how to attain what was loved.

Noticing how my social circle started to expand and how more people wanted to be in my company.

Where, as the journey of celibacy goes on, it helps you come up with solutions to problems, as it may be easy to focus on the solution to a problem and think that it is the be all and end all solution for everything.

Some ideas which intuitively came, while being celibate, was to bring more white light into my life to awaken me or help me focus on what was loved, because of feelings of depression, or to eat more fruit to bring great feelings of compassion into the heart, and yet for years thoughts that these were the solutions to aid me, within my life.

Not giving enough importance or presedence to the process of celibacy and all the exercising and stretching or emotional and mental work done in previous years.

Thinking that happiness came because of circumstances within one moment, not realising that it was a culmination of years of work.

Working on emotional, psychological, mental issues etc, while being celibate.

Your creative or sexual energy is like a force which rises up to make you deal with the suppressed traumas inside you.

2012 energetic changeover.

While as the Universal energy changed in 2012, something changed me inside, as if the Universe had reset itself within.

Feelings of being reset or brought down energetically.

Nothing worked, connections could not be made to anything, emotionally, mentally, spiritualy etc.

Eventually over a couple of years dreams had, would bring life back within, there to cement the idea of what was working in the past for one’s life.

Where sound was something which made a big difference, which was that which would really help to bring about balance, the vibrations, tones, pitches etc, really helped with headaches, depression, anxiety etc.

While differing frequencies, like solfegio frequencies helped, following on from such dreams a sense of being thought within, a dream teaching to be celibate presenting the colour orange, to aid in the healing or balancing process within the creative force..

This dream shone a bright orange light which came closer within, while sensing an element of creativity within the dream..

Drawing an associated to this dream with the sacral chakra in India, with creativity and sexuality, a journey started, whereby an interest was taken, in the idea of being celibate again.

And yet whereas an awakening process occured, a realisation dawned how the old ideas associated with spiritualitty, eating more fruit, getting more light etc.

These ideas didn’t work this time, as a thought of the reason they didn’t work was because of being conscious of how this process could benefit me, as it had happened before.

Wherein being conscious of how they could be influenced to benefit one’s life, and embracing light or fruit was actually selfish in this instance.

This process of celibacy is about letting go, so you can’t have knowledge of how you are going to benefit from these practices associated with celibacy.

The more you know or the more influence you have over these perceived forces the worse it is going to be on you in the long run, while trying to let go.

It’s not about eating more fruit or getting more light, doing all these tricks to try and awaken ourselves, we won’t.

If we think we can influence the spiritual energies in some way, we’re only making it worse.

Your mental and emotional energy etc, is stopping this celibacy process from rising and you need to learn to let go.