the erecteoin.

Ebook: “Therecteoin”

This book is a celebration of erections across the world, in whatever shape or form the erection takes, whether it is a piece of architecture, an artwork, a temple etc. Herein lies an explanation of why architectural and artistic erections are so important and why they have been celebrated and revered since time has begun. This book also recounts poetic work, and poems and stories which are written about famous erections. Across the world erections can be seen, from obelisks and pyramids in ancient Egypt, to temples across Asia and India.


Book – Me Dia.

This book reflects upon the idea of how certain peoples, are connected to a cosmic cycle which enlightens them within bringing them back to the truth and God, while reflecting upon my awakening and recounting this journey of discovery I became convinced that the island of Ireland lay very close to a once known ancient global trading center or civilization named Atlantis or the land of Punt as the ancient Egyptians knew it and that some Irish were also connected to this cosmic cycle enlightening them within, bringing new ideas and technologies into the world and reestablishing old knowledge and languages which had been forgotten.