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indigo children.

Coping with a spiritualy gifted child.

Coping strategies to use with spiritual children in these challenging times.

Questions: does my child express qualities of spiritualy gifted children, such as,

  • Indigo children.
  • Star seed children.
  • Rainbow children.

Mental health activities to do with your spiritual child.

Worry time.

Set aside a time each day for your child’s worry. Discuss with your child how long the worry time will be for.

In this time your child can write down their worries, discuss them with you or problem solve them to overcome them.

Thought challenging.

Help your child to write down only unhelpful thoughts that they experience. Try to challenge them with your child and try to come up with more realistic and helpful ones.

Being present.

Help your child to be present and live in the moment. Go for a walk and see how many different things you can both take in with all your senses.

Activity planning.

Create an activity diary with your child and help them to schedule in some plessureable and achievement related activities.

Talking about feelings.

Why not create a time each week where your child can speak to you about their thoughts and feelings.

Three good things.

Before bed spend some time with your child to identify and write down 3 good things they achieved from the day.

Thought testing.

Try setting out some simple activities to help your child test out the validity of a thought.


Support your child to look after their Welbeing, cook healthy meals with them, exercise or play sport with them and make sure they get enough sleep.


Work with your child to imagine themselves in an imaginary future where everything has turned out in a positive way.


indigo children.
6th sun child.


The golden bracelet of Anubis.

I want you to analyse the scenes within this film for a moment, “the Mummy returns”.

In an earlier post I alluded to the idea that everything which lies or crawls on the ground represents the creative level inside us.

Babies crawl on the ground, we lie down when we procreate with our partner.

This is also true in a natural sense.

Water, sand, clay, soil etc lies on the ground.
Beetles, scarabs, scorpions, snakes etc crawl on the ground, these symbols and images represent creation of life in a tribal sense and in particular this is what it meant to the ancient Egyptians also.

Certain scenes within the film the “Mummy returns” depicts these creatures, images or symbols.

One such scene can be observed at the beginning of the film where workers are digging for the remnants of “Imhotep” .

When out of the sand emerges beetles, which then proceed to enter into the bodies of the workers, whereby their brains are eaten or they are consumed.

Beetles consuming humanity represent the consuming creative life forces inside us and our inability to control them or abstain from overindulging in them, which lead’s to the eventual consuming of the individual who only thinks of their own material and desirable needs.

Notice within this first scene, how it is the workers who have succumb to the beetles and not those dressed in white or red robes.

The wearing of white or red robes denotes respect for life and life force creator processes within.

White represents all the spectrum of light and denotes inclusion of all life and love for it.

In a later scene within this film, the boy
“Alex O’Connell” finds himself with the golden bracelet of “Anubis” which Coincidentally is a scorpion on his wrist, again the scorpion crawls on the ground and denotes creative forces.

The bracelet is also made of gold, which denotes particular energy centres of this colour.

The boy “Alex O’Connell” is then informed by “Imhotep” that he has seven days to bring the bracelet inside the pyramid and before the sun comes up.

When the sun comes up it is a yellow colour, which denotes a particular energy inside us.

Interestly the character, the “Curator” then puts on the bracelet and places it inside the stomach of a giant scorpian which is affixed to the wall inside the pyramid.

This film is not only a visual representation of physical things going on around the characters, but also references activity which is happening inside us energetically, with life forces.

If the symbol of the golden scorpion is not placed within the pyramid that is you and within the stomach of the scorpion before the sun rises inside you, you will be consumed by its desire and power.

The Chi of Eldron.

The conflict with you and your seed within.

There are two lifeforms within you.

One is the life that is you, a manifest life form, the other is the seed of life within you that will eventually become your child, an unmanifest life form.

This life form is your chi, prana or inner child within you.

As this unmanifest life form rises inside you, it will harmonise with you.

It is essentially you which will end up in the body of your child as it is born.

As this unmanifest life form within you rises and harmonises with you, biologically, emotionally, mentally etc.

A conflict of interests may arise, and this is where the discomfort, anxiety, depression manifests.

Most of us think only of ourselves, our own pleasure needs, financial, material needs etc.

But as this unmanifest life form rises inside you, it forces you to think of others or think about it, no longer considering your own needs but the needs of others.

This harmony with life around you, begins inside you.

If you waste this unmanifest life form within you, you are disrespecting it, and it will eventually manifest as your child which will disrespect and distrust you.

You can become depressed, anxious etc as this unmanifest life form rises inside you.
For it will force you to become selfless, to think for others and to share your creative force for the benefit of others.

If a person chooses to resist the harmonisation of unmanifest life forces within, then only conflict in the form of anxiety, depression results.

The only solution is selflessness and consideration of others, this relationship with your unmanifest life form also extends into your relationships with the outside world.

People can sense whether you are harmonious or not with life within you, and this impacts on how people feel about you, whether they interact with you on a regular basis, share ideas etc.

You can not trick this unmanifest life form, for it is essentially you in another sense.

Be honest with yourself, as it rises into the different levels inside you.

Learn to let go and to love others, love is the only way, for their is no other purpose in life worth pursuing only love.