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Hypnosis For Decision Making: How To Gain Clarity

Decisions, decisions, decisions…
Every day, you make dozens of them.
And that’s despite the fact that you might not always know what the next step should be.

It’s also likely that you go through periods of confusion and uncertainty when perhaps you feel stuck and unsure about how to move forward.

But you’re not alone.
Everybody feels like that at some point or another.
The secret is not to beat yourself up about it.
Instead, try to use your uncertainty as an opportunity to be curious, to be open, and to be determined to make the best decisions you possibly can.

Why? Because every decision you make will influence the kind of life you lead.
To paraphrase a popular Tony Robbins quote:
“Your destiny is shaped in your moments of decision.”
So how can you ensure that the decisions you make today will lead you to a better tomorrow?

And how can you use the power of hypnosis to help make that happen?
First, let’s take a look at some of the things that might have become roadblocks to sound decision-making.
What’s Interrupting Your Decision-Making Power?

If you’re struggling to make decisions, there must be a reason (or reasons). So before you can fix the problem, you need to know what’s causing it in the first place.
There are a number of things that can sabotage your decision-making skills, such as:

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early psychology

Hypnosis words for clarity…

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Words with “L”, “el”, “le”, “la”, “al”, stimulate the mind.

Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti. “La” is the 6th tone here in our scale and refers to the 6th spiritual wheel within us in early eastern spiritual philosophy.

“Re” is the 2nd tone here which refers to the 2nd spiritual wheel and transmutation of these life forces into the mind, allowing us to see things from the perspective of our Creator.

Words like:

Clear, Clarity, Clarify, Tranquil, Calm refer to these levels and aid us in clearing them out.

When hypnosis techniques are hereby employed, a great clearing and transformation can take place within us…

  • A B-rain washing.

The word “hypnosis” might refer to a term in faith called “Gnosis” or it could even be postulated that this word bears a relationship with the word “Genesis” or “Ge-gnosis”…

In an earlier post I alluded to the idea that the word “Genesis” could be broken up and translated into different languages, particularly the French language.


“Genesis” could mean “Genes is” or Gene sis, referring to the idea that our genes are at play here in a DNA activation and this process involves serving the earth, our community and family, where it is observed within the early ancient egyptian myths how “Osiris” the father of ancient Egypt refers to his lover “Isis” as his sister.

Osiris sister, was created within his mother’s womb and also may refer to the solar plexus, the 3rd level, 3rd eye, thought, thinking, the sun or son 🌞etc.

Our hips are also within the region of the solar-plexus and this might be the reason the root word “hyp” and “nosis” are present within the word “Hypnosis”… It also may bear a relationship with the word “hypo”, an animal who spends time in water, who emerges from water frequently..

The word “Genesis” when broken up and translated into French reveals the words “je”, “ne”, “suis” meaning I am not or I Am nothing, the beginning, O, the empty womb, no longer an empyt…

Hypnosis technique.

Do this particularly when unwanted or low vibe thoughts come into one’s mind.

Bring your attention to your mind, close your eyes and imagine a 3rd eye with which you are looking through while breathing in, then exhale.

Do this six times or until unwanted thought is no more, particularly thoughts of lust and then chant words with the letters “El or le” in them.

This helps your awareness to focus on what you want clearing. It may also be a good idea alternatively to focus your attention on your abdomen while observing your breath while you inhale and exhale.

Focus on the 3rd spiritual eye and then the 3rd eye alternately.