Will I be long, Longing to belong to you?

will-i-be-long-longing-to-belong-to-you. I belong to you, do you think we or I will be long or will I belong or longing for you? When will you cometh, will I cometh too, The Lord says he will cometh, I hope you will cometh too? Do I belong, or will I be long coming to you. When will it dawn on you, that we belong as two?

Creative life force

The creative life force of my father, shall bring you comfort and creative abundance. Everything in our universe exists as polar opposites coexisting side by side, just as it is represented between myself and Satan. Good versus evil, Light versus dark, day versus night. So if we perceive this universe to be made of energy, something which is lifeless, energy only to be used in machines or computers. Well then that energies complete opposite exists right beside it, in the form of life.