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Take a look at the deity “kukulkan” the feathered serpent in the Aztek and Mayan pantheon, he has a similar description to Satan, both being snake like and both having wings like birds.

There’s a story in the Aztec pantheon that kukulkan is also known as a blue eyed man with blood hair, and that at some time he fell out with the priestly class in the Aztec world and got in his boat and sailed east.

Now look at the names in the Irish mythology of “Cuchuilain” whose name is similar to kukulkan.

Cuchuilain’s childhood name is Setanta and his fathers name is Lugh.

These names have striking similarities with the names Satan and lucifer.

Cuchuilains stories are centred around the Cooley mountains, this area is around the border with Northern Ireland and include counties such as Monaghan, Louth, Armagh, Down etc.

There is rich heritage in those areas surrounding the myth of Cuchuilain, but yet none of it is marketed to tourists that come to Ireland, why because it reveals too much, particularly to Americans that can also visit the Aztec and Mayan sites with ease.

All the stories are linked.