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Dreaming of a happy dog.

Dreams about happy, energetic dogs

The temperament of the dog you see says multitudes about the meaning of your dream. Whether you know the dream pup or not, a friendly dog can be a symbol of someone in your life guiding or guarding you.

Whereas, a happy dog is a “sign of recovery,” especially if dealing with anxiety or difficulties in your life. A joyful pup can even signify you will have some luck in the love department soon.

Happy puppies can be representative of a nurturing instinct deep within you. Seeing puppies with their mother can symbolize your own love of nurturing, and even imply a desire to have children. If you are starting a project or business plan, a litter of puppies can symbolize how long it will take to come to fruition, with each puppy representing a six-month period. Seeing just one good-natured puppy may depict your own even-keel personality, your energy in life, or the improvement of a relationship.

While, a happily-barking dog might mean you take pleasure in being social and feeling accepted in a group, or you even might be missing that element of your life.

the yellow ram...

Dreaming of Goats…

To dream of a goat may signify a transformation taking place inside you, as this image has strong archetypal symbolism. The goat may have been the first animal to be domesticated and dreaming of a goat may be the first signs of ancient symbolism within us that we are beginning to bare the fruits of our wanting to cultivate or domesticate our wild self.

Such dreams will often be followed by lions, particularly lions chasing us, representing our animal urges catching up with us..

The goat also represents higher perspectives as the archetypal symbolism within us would have noted the vantage point goats have in an ancient sense, portraying the vantage of a mountain and a higher perspective within us and yet a goat is always grounded in a 3d reality as it can not fly…

An image of a yellow animal which may take on the image or characteristics of a goat is quite common to dream of at this time, as it represents our fruitful efforts and the golden harvest which will enter our lives.

the yellow ram...