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Daniel 11…

While coming across so many passages in the Bible which allude to God as being a bird and a reptile, why?

Daniel 11:36,42,43.

Ra or Horus is the God of Gods, the bird with the risen snake above his head.

Yahweh is also referred to as the leviathan, that dragon in the sea, again the dragon is a reptile with wings.

Isaiah 27:1.

Jesus refers to himself as the bright morning star in Revelation 22:16, while in Isaiah 14:12 the one who falls out of heaven “Lucifer” is also referred to as the morning star.

Satan or Lucifer have wings like a bird and are also referred to being reptillian, as snakes in the garden of Eden.

Interestingly there is a deity within the Mesoamerican pantheon who is also referred to as the morning star and he is also a reptilian bird or feathered serpent kukulkan or quetzalcoatl.

Spiritual Nutrition

Lucifer in Latin means morning star.

We may also surmise that this is where the imagery for dragons come from within such mythology across the world, particularly within Celtic and far eastern mythology, as we see so many religious painting with angels subduing dragons, particularly red dragons.

If this imagery of the dragon exists within far eastern mythology, we may be able to apply theories purpoting to energy centres when trying to understand why the dragon in red.

The root energy centre within ancient spiritual philosophy is red and represents the roots of trees within the material ground, energies purpoting to create life from the ground up and materialism, therefore the red dragon represents material possessions and desires.

Theoretically if there existed an animal within the nature once, which could fly like a bird, swim in the sea like a snake and navigate the land, it would be the only animal which could do this.

Adherents to such an image may develop a holistic understanding of themselves within, while those worshipping other images may be confined to a particular region or cycle, only able survive in such times.

Morning star…