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Sound healing

The “Word” was sound.

In the beginning was the “word”, and the word was sound.

A me sound man

“A me sound man”

In the beginning God begun to name everything and every letter in the word that God spoke had a resonant frequency which activated Gods divinity or merkaba.

Everything that God did begun with sound.

God began talking to itself, God began to pray, God began to chant, God begun to even sing.

God commanded that even the birds it created would sing.

God begun the universe with a Big Bang.

God created the universe with strings and created a string theory.

God created everything in the universe with a unified verse.

God created mankind’s fortune with a forth tune and when mankind was in tune with what God created, mankind’s fortune would increase.

In time a part of mankind became sick and lost their voice, but God did not discriminate between sick and well, God showed mankind numerous ways of creating sound without a voice.

Some used musical instruments, some used bowls, while others used bells.

The shofar would sound and the trumpet would play with the advent of the Gods coming.

All were good or sound and so God Saith it.

Everything in Gods universe was made of strings which resonated in harmony as a uni verse.

And so a universal language was born.

One made of strings or waves and dots, a musical notation flowed freely.

The ying and yang merged in a wave like formation bringing the dots closer together, unifying every theory in the uni – verse.

All languages real and fictional were made in a calligraphic style with waves and dots.

Resonating in a formation which was in harmony with Gods creation.

And over time mankind would treat Gods “word” as if it was trivial or just a piece of entertainment, a piece of media only to be enjoyed.

But Gods word was in every piece of media, for even Gods ancient name meant “Mé Dia”, “my God” or “Medjai”.

Everything thing that mankind mistook to be only entertainment was actually a message from God.
Every fantasy film, scifi, cartoon, animation etc was a vision from God itself.

Even those that didn’t make sound, appreciated the universal or God frequency that was present throughout creation and sought to replicate it using stone and precious metals.

For it was when they climbed to the highest point on the mountains edge, that they felt closest to God.

Some saw their first visions in caves and sought to create their own cave, aligning the stone at particular angles so as to be in harmony with God.

While others brought the stone down from the mountain and created commands which were given by God.

Others chose to live at either side of the highest mountains to be closer to God.

While others built monuments which were a replicate of Gods energy in the mountain.

All resonated with God.

And while climbing the mountain a vortex would appear and as if out of know where all was in harmony, all seemed the same.

For sound was the same as the stone, as the trees, as the metals, as the universe, all resonated at a harmonious frequency and it wasn’t until God’s frequency’s were known, could you be in harmony with Gods creation.

Only then could you hear Gods beat, only then above the vortex could you hear two beats or binaural beats coming together to form one.

Only then could you see the isochronic tones or Solfeggio frequencies as one.

Only then could you see the waves dancing together as one.

And out of the waves came a mathematical symbol, an infinity sign, which showed the wave and the dot oscillating or dancing together, dancing in chemistry, electricity, maths, music, for eternity as one.