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Lamb of god

The Lamb of God

The lamb of God – who takes away the sins of the world.

Rocky Mountain goat – Oreo amnos.

I came across something interesting recently and that was the “Rocky Mountain goat”.
It is also known as “Oreo Americanus” or “Oreo amnos”.

The latter is Greek and it means
“Oreo – mountain”, “amnos – lamb”.

It’s fitting how this animal is found in America.
I do believe that a lot of biblical imagery comes from the observation of the nature from ancient cultures long ago.

That Satan comes from the Aztec or Mayan mythology, and is Quetzalcoatl or kukulkan the feathered serpent, and it would be fitting to believe that the lamb of God in Jewish or Christian scripture actually came from the same place.

The lamb of god is actually the same as the satanic goat, it’s the “Oreo amnos”, mountain lamb or mountain goat.
It’s commenting on the same thing as the feathered serpent and is outlining the crucial evolutionary stage of an animal which perhaps saved people.
The “Rocky Mountain” goat is unique in that it fits into its own animal classification.

The “Virgin Mary” may also reflect the idea of a reptile creating its own young without the need for conception.
Example: reptile – pagoda dragon.

This would then be the reason the Jewish Star of David is the opposite of the Satanic star, they’re the same construct or beast and originate in the same place.

Hopi Indians refer to the great spirit or God as grandfather, notice in the bible in “Luke or chronicles” that Seth the son of Adam is the grandson of God, which makes God, Seth’s grandfather in the bible.

It confirms to me the idea that the imagery we see everyday in biblical art work or scripture actually originated in the Americas, perhaps with the Atecs, Mayans, Hopi Indians etc and that these people then migrated across Europe first through Ireland.

We can also look to evolutionary timelines of a feathered dinosaur, or goats, when determining as to when these images or stories were created or are commenting on.

We can also surmise that the image of Satan or the feathered serpent is a reptile / bird and his imagery also gives us a clue as to when his story was created.

Which would put us between 100 – 150 million years ago, perhaps in the supercontinent “Pangea” or “Gaia”.
Notice in the bible, Noah says he made the ark from gopher wood, the gopher is an animal only found in America.

Higher perspective
The Rocky Mountain goat is also commonly found high up in the mountain and reflects the idea of something having a higher perspective.
Hindu and Sanskrit chakra teachings convey the idea that the higher you travel up through the chakra’s the more the colours which reflect those chakra’s start to resemble the colours of the sky.

The heart is green, conveying the green vegetation on our planet,
The throat is bright blue, conveying the colour of the Lower part of the sky and the mind or brow chakra is dark blue.
Conveying the darker part of the sky higher-up.
The colours on the earth or the development of our earth is not only reflected in the nature but also reflects our spiritual development.

This is why heaven or God is referred to as being in the sky and may be represented as a bird, a swan or Horus the eagle.

It not only reflects the idea of flying high and being free, but of the activity in the higher chakra’s, throat, mind etc.
This is then the reason that the goat or lamb is worshipped in certain faiths as it reflects the idea of a higher perspective not only visually but communicatively, psychologically, mentally etc.

One over the other.
Why then would one faith favour one animal over another to represent the highest ideal, and I think the answer can be found when studying these animals in their natural habitats.

The bird, eagle, swan etc, although while it soars to great heights and can see things from a higher perspective, has no real power or influence over the material world in comparison to a lion or a dog for example and spends most of its time high up in the air.
This can reflect the idea that it spends to much time high up above and can be detached from reality and can suffer from the expression of having its head up in the clouds.

This can happen to monks or gurus who worship this sort of animal as the ultimate expression of the higher self or God and some can be said to be living in the clouds and not in reality.

I think the most common imagery to reflect the higher self or god is a swan, simply because a swan can soar to great heights and can see all from a higher perspective, but that it also spends time on land and on water.

So it has a great range of perspectives and is telling of how open a guru, monk, person etc is to receiving information from all planes of existences or dimensions.

The swan would then also be the strongest of all the birds that take flight and represents the ultimate in understanding this existence.
But you can just as easily take inspiration from the goat.

It too has a higher perspective on life, although it can not fly and can’t manoeuvre as easily as birds.
It does have a higher perspective like birds, granted it achieves this perspective with greater difficulty, although it can achieve it.

But the goat is the animal with not only one of the higher perspectives, but also among the strongest of those animals with that perspective and it outlines its influence materially over this world than the other high fliers.

The goat is also an animal with an extremely high point of view, but is also always grounded in reality and when adherents of the goat worship it they get a practical view point which is not detached from reality.

This may reflect the idea as to why Christianity or Judaism aspires to the worship of the lamb or why Satanism worships the goat, as it outlines not only the higher perspective of god, but also real life practical solutions to life’s problems and real strength when influencing the material world to build God’s heaven on earth.

The same idea of strengthen and influence may be reflected when Jesus associates himself with the ass or donkey, as this animal reflects the real work done in building our heaven on earth.

Seth in ancient Egypt is also reflected with the head of a donkey and reflects his real life influence of life.

All other images of worship while they look great and people aspire to be seen in their greatness flying in the sky, don’t really have the practical skill set, patience or strength to influence the real world.


Ram – Goat – Rama.

Can we now surmise that the name “Rama” in Hindu and Sanskrit text actually comes from the observation of a ram or goat in the nature.

That adherents of faith are arguing with one another as to which brother is more powerful “Rama or Krishna”, which is the son of God?

failing to understand that the two are the same, looking at the same thing or God from a different point of view.
That “Rameses the great” means “Ram see’s”, and is RA Moses.

The ram or goat in the mountain with God’s viewpoint, the ram sees from the mountain or Gods perspective.
“Moses” climbs the mountain to communicate with God.

That Rameses is Seth’s son in ancient Egypt and this is the reason Seth has so many similar attributes to Jesus.

Associations with Donkeys, fish etc.

They are of the same bloodline.

that the ram sees from RA’s or the Suns Ray, perspective in the sky.
Ra the sun god, the Ray in the sky.
That the Jewish “Torah” is actually ( to “RA” ). Worshipping the sun God RA.
Tanach is actually , chanat – tanach” Or Satanic, goat or ram.

That the words chant and chaint or Saint are also derived from this linguistic construct.

Every faith is worshipping the same God, and adhering to reach the same place and that is the sky up above,
and perhaps now we can begin to understand as to why the “Rocky mountain goat” is classified as being in the genus “Oreo amnos”, again it is for the reasons I have outlined above, it is AR’RA, or RA or Rameses viewpoint or the viewpoint of the goat and we can begin to understand how the ancient languages have influenced one another, but only can we begin to understand when we remove our egotistic viewpoint of the world and stop imagining that we are better than the nature or are higher than it.


Reflecting back on the idea I borrowed from Sanskrit and Hindu teachings, that the colours of the earth reflect our chakra system and that the colour blue corresponds to the sky, mountain or the head (throat, mind etc).

I would then go so far as to say that “Oreo amnos”, means.

Greek: ore – mountain,
amnos – lamb
“mountain lamb”

but that this word not only reflects the migration of a lamb or ram on a mountain it is also commenting on a viewpoint from the chakra’s in the head.

That “Oreo amnos” in English means
RA or Ray, I am nose.

Its commenting on a spiritual experience that someone is having, of climbing a spiritual mountain and viewing life from the perspective of the chakra at the nose, which would be between the throat and brow chakra.
Viewing life from a communicative/ poetic (throat) and logical/ rational (mind) viewpoint, it is not only commenting on the observation of a real animal climbing a mountain, but also of that persons spiritual ascension to see life from gods viewpoint from the perspective of the ram.

The arguments here in this post, may be quite simple and I believe that this is the reason so many fail to ascend spiritually or attain a higher viewpoint in life.

Because when you start to see things from Gods perspective, you view them as being simple or common and most people don’t like to see things like that, so they begin to descend back into their ego.

Everything is back to front when viewed spiritually.

People think that the view point of the monk, guru, God etc is the elite, unique or greatest, but the only reason it is because not many have viewed it simply because it is the opposite,
simple, ordinary and common.