Is Mise ER’RE

Is Mise ER'RE. I am the good of goods, I am the god of gods, I am the Lord of Lords, I am the light of lights, i am the Ray of Ray's. Is mise ER'RE. I am the air and the Ray. I am the sound and the light. Only the sound and the light can heal you. #417hz #528hz #639hz #sacral #solar #heart I am the rapture, the raptor, the flying dinasaur. I am the Kundalini snake rising inside you to find its wings and the light. The feathered serpent, RA with the snake above my head. I am RA-Ptah, or RA from Ptah. I am rajna-roche, with the red light or disc above my head. Repent, I am the "pente" ray or 5th Ray. The light of the throat. Nikola Tesla Quote: "Everything is the light" or everything is the Ray. Everything is in me (RA, or RE). For I am the Lugh-cipher, the light-code. I am the light from the morning star, the sun's Ray, I am, je suis, Jesus the light of this world. Lucifer - Lugh cipher, light code. Kukulkan, the feathered serpent.