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tree of life

The root of all life’s problems.

For there is only one route, and one root, and the route or root is ascending, up the tree of life.

You must get to the root of the problem.

Don’t ignore the root of your problem, you cannot ignore the root cause of your disorder.

The root is in the earth; it is your root chakra.
Your Problem has probably manifested because your awareness is too heavily rooted within the earth.

You are attached to earthly, root, material things and this is causing a conflict within you.

Your mental, emotional and creative consciousness etc is focused souly on the root or your root or earthly, material needs.

You need to give up your root or material, earthly attachments to solve the root cause of your problem.

You perceive everything as material things, because your awareness is rooted within the earth or root chakra.

Always looking down on things.

Let go of these material things, give to others, be generous, let go.

Ascend and transcend your limited thinking.
See the life in you and around you, as your creative life force rises.

After you let go of your earthly, root attachments and address the root of your problem, notice how you become aware of the next level inside you, your sacral or sexual, creative level.

Let go of your attachments here to feel more alive. This is where the seeds of life are created in the form of chi’ldren.

Learn to become more creative, with this creative life force.
Learn to feel alive, as you release your attachment to this level.

Every level begins to come alive as you learn to let go, until you find your love for life again.

Life is a dance, add music, let go and release your attachments and feel alive while you ascend.

Consider a hole’istic approach, when dealing with the roots of your problem.

Transcend this force, releasing your attachment toward your own selfish pleasure and desire.

Consult Elohym while seeking a hole’istic approach to the root of your problem.

Perhaps you are looking at life from the wrong way round, look at Elohym from another angle and consider that Elohym may be Myhole.

Awaken your W’hole eye, or hole’y when considering the root cause of your problem.

Consider and ascend as an end, to the root of your rut.

Ascend from the mud or dirt, to ascend and send an end of the root or route of your rut.

Consider the idea that everything with which I have spoken of here, is absolute, and I mean absolute “dung”.

And it is this dung with which you must transmute and ascend towards the end, to discover the root of your rut.