Sacred Heart of Jesus

Scarlet white.

Red or orange for celibacy and rising of sexual or creative forces, white to focus on the light of the heart, to become lighthearted.

Is Mise ER’RE

Is Mise ER'RE. I am the good of goods, I am the god of gods, I am the Lord of Lords, I am the light of lights, i am the Ray of Ray's. Is mise ER'RE. I am the air and the Ray. I am the sound and the light. Only the sound and the light can heal you. #417hz #528hz #639hz #sacral #solar #heart I am the rapture, the raptor, the flying dinasaur. I am the Kundalini snake rising inside you to find its wings and the light. The feathered serpent, RA with the snake above my head. I am RA-Ptah, or RA from Ptah. I am rajna-roche, with the red light or disc above my head. Repent, I am the "pente" ray or 5th Ray. The light of the throat. Nikola Tesla Quote: "Everything is the light" or everything is the Ray. Everything is in me (RA, or RE). For I am the Lugh-cipher, the light-code. I am the light from the morning star, the sun's Ray, I am, je suis, Jesus the light of this world. Lucifer - Lugh cipher, light code. Kukulkan, the feathered serpent.