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Surviving the cross…

In an earlier post, I alluded to the idea that the colour sequence of the sun as it makes its ascent, mimics that of the colour sequence of the chakras or energy centres.

Root – red.
Sacral – orange.
Solar – yellow.
Heart – white.

So what we think is spiritual understanding, is also earthly, solar, universal understanding aswell.

This is a fitting analogy for understanding our energy centres and what we can expect when we ascend through them.

Imagine you are observing the sun from a space station, the sun is yellow or white when you look at it.

This is the sun’s true colours.

Now imagine you are back on earth, and you are watching the sun rise from the ground.

The sun appears red and then orange, but as we know this is not the sun’s true colours.

The sun is not itself when it is red or orange, nor is the sun focusing on itself when it is this colour..

This is a fitting analogy of how we can understand our own energy centres.

When our energy or awareness is in the red / orange or root and sacral chakra, we are not focusing or the sun / son of man is not focusing on us.

The sun / son is focusing on the earth, material, root needs when it is red and on our family and community or sexual animal nature when it is orange.

As I have demonstrated from the analogy above, of observing the sun from the space station, the sun is not itself, nor is it focusing on itself when it is low in the sky and it doesn’t become or focus on itself until it becomes yellow.

This is a spiritual analogy, that we don’t focus on ourselves or own needs and wants until our awareness shifts into the yellow or solar plexus chakra.

Not until we purge ourselves of our material wants and sexual desires within the root and sacral, do we awaken within the solar plexus and start to become ourselves and focus on our own lives.

What we think is spiritual understanding or understanding only assigned to faith, can also be used to understand our solar system, universe, science etc.

This can be demonstrated also when we observe crosses, particularly celtic crosses.

The circle on the cross represents our sun or son, the cross in between represents the galactic cross, with which the sun ascends or descends through.

When this happens the vibration of everything around it increases, forcing all life to awaken or eveolve.

This can be a difficult time for life, adjusting to new frequencies etc.

But there is a simple way to get through this vibrational shift and that is simply to act like and give up with the sun / to the son.

This also serves as an analogy for sun worship and the statement I made above “to give up with the sun”, may represent giving up pagan sun worship ideas, giving up the idea that everything is only energy from the galaxy and failing to see that there is aslo life, rather give up to the son and realise that the greatest purpose has no purpose, but is to simply exist without a need, with only unconditional love for any situation or person you may encouter.

Give up earthly / material / root possesions when the sun is red.

Give up sexual desires when the sun is orange.

Give up food and fast when the sun is yellow.

And finally give up your life to Jesus Christ, God, our lady etc when the sun is in the white light of the heart.

This is how you survive the galactic Cross, anything else only serves the ego of the individual self and will only lead to headaches, anxiety, depression, burning sensations etc.

In a sense the only way you can survive the frequencies of the galactic cross, is to be Christ like and give yourself up for others.

Only love or Christ will survive, only God is eternal.

For all other life will see no purpose in it and will wither away serving their own needs and desires.

There is beauty in brokenness.

There is beauty in brokenness.
Beauty – be, au(gold), ti, eat – eat gold.

Watch this video if you want to mend your brokenness.

Observe the analogies given here, as to why the analogy of mending broken pottery is done with gold filling.

Do you see that this is a reference to chakras with which you would associate with a golden colour.

Sacral and solar.

To mend your brokenness you must use these forces inside you.

There is also an analogy of turning the gold from a solid state or block and heating it up to become more lucid and malebal or (male-ball).

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grow up...

Grow up baby and die-it.

How long am I, how long baby till we’re together.

I am or am I going to wait much longer, to be long in you.

Do I have to travel the world, to the moon and back, to belong within you.

How long from the stars to you, I am waiting for the cocks crow, for the clocks dong, to rise from my slumber, to grow and go.

Is it this time, it is long enough.

Climb baby, climb baby, climb baby, into my heart. Awaken the light for our love to start.

If I manifest you, a feast will ensue, I will grow up, a child made man a new.

Come with you I will, at the speed of light.

My will, will be fast, we will reach a new height.

I will say my graces for you, hail Mary, hail Mary, hail Mary, full of grace. Blessed arth thow among women, and blessed is the fruit of thigh womb.

Born from my side, an apple did make us slide, apart.

But we’re never far apart, my root, my flame, my soul, my heart.

Awaken our alchemical marriage of love & light.

Take 5 steps forward and 2 steps back, then 8 steps forward & you will be back.

This is our dance, it’s mine and her’s and don’t forget to add (+) to her’zzz.

Mi, mi, mi, awaken the lime of my light.

I know it hurtzzz, I know you were abused my baby, by a creative war.

When dawn does rise, we can create a new life.

Their hands brought you down low.

They chased you, where our roots do grow.

They say it is our fault, that we know the root of faults, that our roots is handed down and burried in the ground.

& yet we will ascend, up into the clouds, where our colours of golden dawn will turn violet with sound.

Climb baby up & down the chi money.

Learn the alphabet & the numbers of money.

Our breed and our breath, is made of bread.

The solar shift, & already I can see and feel myself focusing on myself.

We will shift & we will kkkiiisss & meat the face of each other as we will meet.

I seem to be less interested in family and community problems and have moved my awareness out of the root and sacral chakra.

Root and sacral chakra are part of the physical earth. The solar chakra is part of the sun and the solar system, hence the word “solar”.

When the solar chakra awakens through abstaining from root possessions and sex, you reach the end of the physical plane or the end of the world.

Your consciousness shifts away from thinking about material or things of the root and sacral.

The energy of the galaxy will automatically shift our awareness through these energy centres, and the end of the world will happen when our awareness is shifted into the solar plexus chakra.

As above so below. As within so without.

To know thy self within is to go without.

Are you of sound mind, is your mind made of sound?.

The fastest way to rid your self of the devil and to enter into the twin flame, alchemical marriage.

Notice the words I have used here, fastest, alchemical, flame etc.

They’re all words associated with the solar plexus.

The solar plexus is associated with the flame, it is associated with the stomach, fasting, food, chemicals etc.

“The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Fasting and the devil.

Fast track your twin flame success.

A recipe for twin flame success.

Apathy, a lack of interest enthusiasm or concern.

Fast is God’s speed.

The fastest way into your harmonious twin flame Union.

The alchemy of twin flames.

Twin flames is about chemistry and the stomach, the solar plexus beside the stomach and fasting.

The solar plexus is the life force the flame.

The flame is associated with cooking food.

Adam and eve in the garden of Eden, eating an apple from the forbidden tree.

The snake and the snack.

The word mirracle is derived from breaking up this word into mirr and Acle, Acle derived from alche or alchemy and mirr derived from mirror.

The miracle is the alchemical mirror.

It refers to the chemicals inside us and in particular the chemical processes inside our stomachs.

The solar plexus is also associated with the stomach and it is said to be the chakra associated with the self, perhaps with looking at our self in the mirror.

The miracle happens when you awaken in the solar plexus chakra, by first releasing earthly or root chakra ties and then by becoming celibate for periods of time.

These base forces rise into the solar plexus and encourage you to fast and to change your diet naturally.

Thereby Changing the base material that is you into a malebal golden yellow material, that is the solar plexus.

Time moves faster when you fast.

Pass ions with passion and gold solar plexus plates.

Butterfies in the stomach.

Be by your side, on the right side, stomach, solar plexus.

Eve made from Adams rib, stomach, solar plexus.


The river has no identity, its colourless, its odourless.

When you look into the river it takes on your identity, by reflecting it back to you.

The river is endless, eternal, because it is selfless, with no identity.

Manifest your desire at sunrise, when the sun is golden orange.

Orgianic chemistry.

Solar plexus, (sol-enoid, sol-sering, ), soul heir, sol-dier.

“I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”.

Muscular, music solar.

God is a bodybuilder, God commanded me to help him build his ultimate creation, the body.

God provides, he will, “thyne will” , willpower, solar plexus.

Manifests or many fasts?. Many fasts Manifests.

Celibacy, Fasting and sound healing as part of bodybuilding.

Over eating clouds mental judgement and stimulates sex gland, which can lead to becoming over stimulated sexually.

Fasting clears the mind and aids in helping the sexual or creative forces rise, helping testosterone build naturally for increased muscle building.

Shifting your awareness to help you focus on your own goals.

Celibacy and fasting can help you pay more attention to your own goals.

Our cells are responding to the frequencies around them, so it is vitally important that we have the right frequencies around us when motivating our self to train.

Beware of consumerist suggestions, remember that if you are training in a gym or reading fitness and bodybuilding magazines, those entities are trying to make money and can lead you to over consume.

Will power beat everything?, or more specifically will 3 phase power beat everything?.

Adam and eve in the garden of Eden, eating an apple from the forbidden tree.

The solar plexus, the city of Gem’s, or the city of Gym’s?.

I’m riding Solo, so low, so long,


Longing to find my passion again.

It’s been long since I felt a longing to erect a beautiful home.

Erecting an erection, building a home with love and passion.

Fast track your longing toward your passion.

It has been long since I felt my passion, but now that my will has found it, it will be fast manifesting it and a feast for the eyes seeing it.

3 times will be the charm.

The creative waters of aquarius are rising to erect from the root, the desires in us & the sun is golden inside me.

It is time for passion.


lee priest

Building muscle and getting fitter.

Learn to build muscle easily.

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This is my story of how I struggled to put on weight and build muscle.

I have always felt like the skinny guy and used to go down to the gym regularly to try and get bigger.

You get all kinds of information from bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition magazines and websites etc.

Information which leads you into eating copious amounts of meat, food etc to maintain your muscle mass or the idea that you need to eat x amount of calories or eat to a schedule, ignoring your natural rhythms and digestive orges is portrayed.

In my experience everyone is different and what I found worked for me would probably shock a lot of people.

The Gym or training statement or mantra “stay hungry”, not only means to be motivated and keep chasing your dream of getting bigger, stronger, fitter etc, but also is referencing the importance of fasting and staying hungry and you’ll realise that when you are hungry or fasting before a gym session, it is a lot easier to stay motivated.

Over consuming calories only leads to a lethargic workout and a clouded mind which can’t think clearly.

My Pre workout routine included loading up on complex carbohydrates (brown rice, brown bread etc) the night before.

Next day I would fast, that’s right I would stop eating for about 16 – 20 hours.

Throughout that day, I wouldn’t eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Then at about 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the afternoon I would feel my stomach really rumbling, then I worked out as hard as I could.

What I found amazed me, I had an endless amount of energy, the only thing that stopped me from exercising was the pain in my muscles and bones.

– Caution should be noted here, that over exercising can lead to injury, fatigue etc, and one should not exceed what they perceive their own limitations to be -.

A few days later I had noticed that my muscles had grown significantly bigger than when I was abiding by the conventional gym and fitness mantra, of eating to a schedule, Pre workout eating, post workout eating etc.

Not to say that you don’t need to eat, you just have to be mindful that you can over do it on the eating side.

Over eating clouds your judgment, leading to making poor decisions when considering your workout routines.

Fasting clears your mind.

I realised that this was the way all animals in the nature got stronger.

There’s is no animal that exercises vigorously until it is hungry.

When you fast there is no energy digesting food in your stomach, so all that energy goes back into your muscles and loads them up.

If you think about it, when you are digesting food and working out at the same time, your body has divided its energy stores between doing two major things, this leads to poor workouts and a lack of gains when trying to break that lifting plateau.

I noticed, that when I fasted my mind cleared, and this brings us into a spiritual topic which you can relate to exercising, that the Bible and many other faiths advocate fasting for its aid in clearing not only our minds, but our whole system.

After exercising vigorously, during my fast, I would feast on whatever I craved.

This is a technique which has worked for me, for a long time now.

I woukd like to note, as to when you rearrange some animal names, you come up with some interesting words or phrases.

Lioness becomes “no lies”.
Monkey becomes “key monk”.

Were our ancient ancestors looking to the nature for inspiration on becoming better, and perhaps they were saying that there were no lies in the animal world, what you see is what you get.

That the monkey is the key monk.

The monkey is the true master monk, the master of life.

You can even stretch your imagination to believe that the word Donkey is “Dawn-key”.

The “key or chi” at the “Dawn” as the sun rises.

Give up your sun or Monstraint and stay hungry.

Dawn key

The Dawn-key.

The Dawn-key and the big black ass.

The erections of Mecca and the black box.

Can you see the black and white pattern?.

Can you see the importance of water or milk (base substance) and the erection, when quenching the solar fires.

The erections of ancient Egypt are built on the river Nile.

Freemasonry erections are built beside lakes or rivers.



When should I abstain, and when should I attain? .

I think the rising of the Eucharist and Monstraint in Christian ceremony, answers this question perfectly.

Imagine that the Eucharist which is offered up at mass is made by the sun and its ascent, and this is what the Monstraint represents in Christian ceremony.

The rising Monstraint and Eucharist in Christian ceremony is the sun ascending.

The rising bread at mass represents abstaining or giving up bread or food for periods of time, fasting and offering them up to a higher cause.

White light represents all the colours as all the wavelengths of light are present in white light.

When the Monstraint or Eucharist is rising above the head of the priest in mass, it represents the sun rising and the colours it takes as it ascends and their effect on all life.

As the Monstraint or sun begins to rise it should appear red, influencing our roots.
As it rises it represents our need to give up our attachments to our roots, earthly, material things etc.

As the sun or Monstraint rises higher, it should turn orange, representing our sacral and our creative and sexual nature.

As the Monstraint or sun moves up into this colour it symbolises our need to give up or abstain from sex and to be celibate.

As the Monstraint or sun rises higher, it should appear yellow, Which represents our solar plexus.
We at this stage of ascent should fast, give up or abstain from food and the bread of life.

The final stage of abstention is when the Monstraint, Eucharist and the sun are at full height or full ascencion.

When the sun, Monstraint and Eucharist are white.

This is the sun and son at full strength, this is the light of the heart, and it represents our abstention from loving ourselves and our possessions, rather we should love God, our lady and life around us.

After the sun, Eucharist and Monstraint has risen it descends to the ground to attain again.

Attainment should only be sought after abstention of these different levels and when you find love for these things, rather than lustfully or greedily chasing after them.

Only when you have risen, through material, sexual, eucharistic and adoration abstention and you have found love in your heart, should you attain.

Build a home with love, rather than a house.
Make love, rather than having sex.
Share food, rather than being greedy.

Rise above it, to see the bigger picture.

Do not abstain completely, but rather include it in a cycle of loving attainment.

The Rising.

The white disc.

Many ancient Egyptian gods can be seen in pictures and images with red or orange discs above their heads, representing the rising of creative or sexual forces above their heads and above their animal nature’s.

sacred fire in christ's heart

sacred fire in Christ’s heart

But notice images of Christ in Christianity, Christ also has a disc above his head in many images, but it is not red.

It is in fact white, representing the full spectrum of light. Christ does not advocate worshipping one spectrum or wavelength of light, like the ancient Egyptians did.

Christ advocates to take all the spectrums of colour in, and worship everything.

Do not divide and only worship one colour, rather unite all and worship every colour.

It can also be observed in Christian mass, how a priest raises the white bread of life above his head in ritualistic ceremony.

The raising of such bread above one’s head, also would resemble the raising of a disc, and would give spiritual significance to the raising of compassionate life forces within one’s self.

To be kind towards life, and to fast before consuming the bread of life or Eucharist.