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Sexual Transmutation, Sexual Sublimation, What Is Sexual Energy and How to Use It

What is Sexual Energy Specifically?

There are many different types of energy and sexual energy is one of them.

Every living thing on the planet – including human beings, animals, plants, and micro-organisms – is here because of sex and sexual energy. It is the energy of life and the energy of creation.

Sexual energy at its most basic level is the driving force behind the sexual act itself. It is linked to both innate biological programs as well as our desires.
Your sexual energy is a life-giving energy which is sustaining and maintaining you all the time.

A deeper look into sexual energy also reveals that it is not just some survival instinct to propagate the species, but is in fact our life force energy and life creation energy. It is the energy that brings forth and creates life first and foremost but it also sustains life.
Sexual energy is life-giving energy which animates all living creatures. Throughout your life, on a physical level, your sexual energy sustains you and nourishes you. In other words, it gives you life at birth but it doesn’t end there. This energy accompanies you throughout your entire life, regenerating your cells constantly.

Sexual energy is the energy of creation and creativity. All of us ultimately stem from sex. We are a creation of sex and it is our origin. Without sexual energy there would be no life because there would be no urge, motivation, or driving force to create life.
Sexual energy is life and life is sexual energy. The two are inseparable.

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The erection of the 3rd Temple

What if the 3rd temple is not only a building which will be built or erected? Erection or erected being the operative word.

But also refers to the temples in our head.

We currently have two temples on either side of our heads, one representing logic, the other representing creativity.

A third anatomical temple will form in humanity which will unite the two sides, it will be the bridge between spirit and the material world, between God and mankind, between magic and logic.

Temple – anatomy / head

Temple  – place of worship

– Latin – tempus meaning time

Time bone –


Tempo – sound / music

– 3rd temple –



– Temporal –


– Templar –


I noted above that erection or erecting the temple was the operative word, the reason I said this is that the building of the temple whether it is a building or a temple on our head, involves sexual transmutation, sex magic and the power of the erect penis or phallus etc.

We’re erecting Christ’s / Siris riserection or resurrection, within us.