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It’s all about the number 5

It’s all about the Pentha and the number 5.

Penthatlon – Olympic sport that comprises 5 different events.

Pentanol – alcohol with 5 carbon atoms.

Pentane – a molecule with 5 carbon atoms.

Pente / penta – Greek meaning 5 or 5th.


Penta cost / pentagon / pentagram meaning five or fifth.


Penta cost star / Jewish star: 5 pointed star.

Point = Pentha.


Five wounds of Jesus.


Crucifixion – cruci fiction

The 5th sun, the 5th chakra.

It’s all about the number 5 or the 5th chakra.

The fifth chakra is the throat, it’s all about communication, communing communion.

Mayans comment on the rising of the fifth sun in 3113 B.C., somewhere around this time Krishna and Moses were born.

Krishna and Moses were born over 5000 years ago.

The Mayans are saying that life will awaken or grow in the 5th chakra as the 5th sun rises.

Krishna and many of the associated gods in the Hindu pantheon are portrayed in a bright blue colour, which is the colour associated with the fifth chakra or throat.

Here we have the word “panthe” in the word pantheon, denoting five and the throat or communication in other cultures and languages.

Ghandi was expected to be a great political figure or communicator, which would signify that he was awakened in the throat or fifth chakra.

Jews discredit the idea that Jesus was messiah and argue that the messiah should have been a great political figure, again we associate politics with communication and the throat or fifth chakra.

Some also argue that Jesus was a master socialite, again we associate socialism with communication and therefor with the throat or fifth chakra and the number 5.

African cultures insert disks into body parts associated with the throat or fifth chakra, denoting a growth or awakening in this energy centre.

Disk Insertion points include ears, neck, lips etc, all body parts associated with the throat of fifth chakra.

A word associated with “panthe” Includes panthemine, denoting an act of drama or communication.

The throat or fifth chakra is associated with the air as we breath air through our throats, there is no bigger association with the air than that which the throat or fifth chakra has.

Krishna can be seen playing a pipe which draws air through it, denoting his awakening in the fifth chakra.

The Buddha often advocates focusing on the breath while meditating, this may also signify the Buddhist awakening in the air with the throat or fifth chakra.

The word “panting” is also associated with breathing techniques while meditating on the breath, air, throat or pante / penthe (5th chakra / throat) etc.

Ancient Egypt.

Scholars argue that ancient Egypt is only five thousand years old.

But what if ancient Egypt only gained the ability to communicate it’s existence 5000 years ago, as the fifth sun rose to awaken the fifth chakra and ancient Egypt and the associated pyramids are actually far older than this.

Amun-RE is also depicted in a bright blue colour, which denotes communication and the awakening of the throat or fifth energy centre, as the colour of the air and the fifth chakra is bright blue.

The Bible.

The bible says “in the beginning was the word”, or “in the beginning God begins to name everything”, this beginning of words conjures ideas of awakening communicatively, within the throat or fifth chakra.

The bible is a text you would associate with communication .

Dragons are often associated with story telling, and it is quite fitting that the dragon breaths fire through its throat and also flys in the air, which we have outlined above is associated with the throat or fifth chakra.

Birds fly in “V” formation in the air, V just happens to mean 5 in Roman numerals.

Plenary aspects of gods personality are called “avatars” in the Hindu pantheons.

Avatars of Vishnu, shiva, Brahma etc are depicted in a bright blue colour and are said to take the flight, denoting that to fly you must awaken in the air or throat.

The word avatar is coincidently similar to the word aviator in the English language, meaning to fly.

Birds are known to be avian, planes fuel up on aviation fuel.

Theses similar word meanings signify a striking cultural and linguistic exchange between the English and Hindu or Sanskrit languages.

It’s all to do with the air, throat or fifth chakra and the number 5.

The land of Punthe / Penthe.

But what is the origin of this word “penthe” meaning 5 or 5th.

There is a place with which the ancient Egyptians say they originally came from, a trading place of great wealth known as “the land of Punthe” or “Pewnyth”.

Could the land of Punthe actually be the land of Penthe or plenty?.

Penthe: The land of 5 or 5th’s.

The land of the throat.

The land of birds.

The land of avatars / aviators or flyers.

The pharaoh islands.

The land of air or Eire.

Where the Lord of flies is from.

Where the Pantheon or Puntheon originates.

Where the pound, pence or Púint is spent.

Where the pen is from penthe, the land of scribes.

The pun is from Punthe, the land of storytelling.

Where the punt sails to the Penthouse.

When you are feeling Pent up.

Where Mike Pence is from.

Where the Marvel “Pewney God” is from. Hulk Marvel quote.

Now wait for a moment, while time is pending or penthing

Maybe you could paint or panthe.

Why not watch kungfu Panda / Panthe or take some Pantenoic acid.

Air reign:

We command the airwaves when we communicate through the fifth or throat chakra.

You cannot communicate or hear unless there is air.

When we awaken in the throat or communicate, we reign over the air, we are “air reign” or “Aryan”, we are from “Eirean”, we are the 5th root race, awakened in the 5th chakra, our spiritual evolution is driven by the energy of the 5th sun.

We are awakened in the 5th / throat chakra, we are storytellers, socialites, politicians etc.

We are flyers, we are Air Ryan.

“We are across the pond” or punthe.

The fifth harmony or penthe harmony.

We might have a “Pint” in the land of Punthe or Penthe.

We might put our animals into
“the-pen” in Penthe.

We may wash our hair with Pantene shampoo in panthe.

Maybe we will meet a Panther or a panthe heir in Penthe Eir, Punthe or Penthe.

Maybe the ancient Egyptian God RE, is the Suns Ray in the air?.

Is RE the Ray heir, heir Ray, Hare or Eire? In the air or throat.

In the land of Punthe, Penthe, Púint or 5th’s.

Now we live in a world dominated by mass media, politics, socialism etc. All signs of the 5th Suns influence on the 5th chakra.

We live in the 5th world, in a world of Penthe or plenty.

Expressing our visions in the media, expressing the idea that I am Mé Dia or I am God.

English – Irish / Translation
Media – Mé Dia / I am God – My God