Orange tone monk

Take note of the orange tones

Take a note of the following pictures. Notice the colour of clothing the monks seem to wear. They're all wearing orange clothing. Notice in one picture a monk is also holding a flame which is orange in colour. The colour orange seems to have significant importance, but why?. In each picture there is also sound accompanied in the form of chanting or Solfegio frequencies. It seems to be important to apply a harmonic vibration in the form of sound while focusing on an orange colour

Kundalini or Kund align?

My focus is on interpreting the through nature of life and the meaning behind it. I have studied some of the Hindi or Sanskrit languages and have found striking similarities between Irish and Hindu languages and I often wondered if there is or was a cultural and linguistic exchange between these two races?. But my focus for now is to see if that exchange is also true between the English language and Hindu languages.