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Sexual Transmutation, Sexual Sublimation, What Is Sexual Energy and How to Use It

What is Sexual Energy Specifically?

There are many different types of energy and sexual energy is one of them.

Every living thing on the planet – including human beings, animals, plants, and micro-organisms – is here because of sex and sexual energy. It is the energy of life and the energy of creation.

Sexual energy at its most basic level is the driving force behind the sexual act itself. It is linked to both innate biological programs as well as our desires.
Your sexual energy is a life-giving energy which is sustaining and maintaining you all the time.

A deeper look into sexual energy also reveals that it is not just some survival instinct to propagate the species, but is in fact our life force energy and life creation energy. It is the energy that brings forth and creates life first and foremost but it also sustains life.
Sexual energy is life-giving energy which animates all living creatures. Throughout your life, on a physical level, your sexual energy sustains you and nourishes you. In other words, it gives you life at birth but it doesn’t end there. This energy accompanies you throughout your entire life, regenerating your cells constantly.

Sexual energy is the energy of creation and creativity. All of us ultimately stem from sex. We are a creation of sex and it is our origin. Without sexual energy there would be no life because there would be no urge, motivation, or driving force to create life.
Sexual energy is life and life is sexual energy. The two are inseparable.

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The golden bracelet of Anubis.

I want you to analyse the scenes within this film for a moment, “the Mummy returns”.

In an earlier post I alluded to the idea that everything which lies or crawls on the ground represents the creative level inside us.

Babies crawl on the ground, we lie down when we procreate with our partner.

This is also true in a natural sense.

Water, sand, clay, soil etc lies on the ground.
Beetles, scarabs, scorpions, snakes etc crawl on the ground, these symbols and images represent creation of life in a tribal sense and in particular this is what it meant to the ancient Egyptians also.

Certain scenes within the film the “Mummy returns” depicts these creatures, images or symbols.

One such scene can be observed at the beginning of the film where workers are digging for the remnants of “Imhotep” .

When out of the sand emerges beetles, which then proceed to enter into the bodies of the workers, whereby their brains are eaten or they are consumed.

Beetles consuming humanity represent the consuming creative life forces inside us and our inability to control them or abstain from overindulging in them, which lead’s to the eventual consuming of the individual who only thinks of their own material and desirable needs.

Notice within this first scene, how it is the workers who have succumb to the beetles and not those dressed in white or red robes.

The wearing of white or red robes denotes respect for life and life force creator processes within.

White represents all the spectrum of light and denotes inclusion of all life and love for it.

In a later scene within this film, the boy
“Alex O’Connell” finds himself with the golden bracelet of “Anubis” which Coincidentally is a scorpion on his wrist, again the scorpion crawls on the ground and denotes creative forces.

The bracelet is also made of gold, which denotes particular energy centres of this colour.

The boy “Alex O’Connell” is then informed by “Imhotep” that he has seven days to bring the bracelet inside the pyramid and before the sun comes up.

When the sun comes up it is a yellow colour, which denotes a particular energy inside us.

Interestly the character, the “Curator” then puts on the bracelet and places it inside the stomach of a giant scorpian which is affixed to the wall inside the pyramid.

This film is not only a visual representation of physical things going on around the characters, but also references activity which is happening inside us energetically, with life forces.

If the symbol of the golden scorpion is not placed within the pyramid that is you and within the stomach of the scorpion before the sun rises inside you, you will be consumed by its desire and power.

Sex Magic

The power of our sexual energy In healing, balancing us is promoted throughout faiths and institutions.

The goal is to become aroused but to not ejaculate, rather let that charged sexual energy rise to help you become more creative and selfless. Becoming more aware of others and the actions you need to take to become more harmonious with life, your children etc.


Sex is often associated with the colour orange or red, which aids in balancing the energies of the sex gland.





Why does jesus visit a prostitute?

Prostitution in the Bible:

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There is healing power in what we percieve as our sexual energy, charge this energy by becoming aroused but do not waste it through sexual activity, let it rise and give yourself the chance to deny your own pleasure.

Completion of the sexual energy centre:

Where creativity, sexuality and the colour orange / red / wine etc meet.


Great healing in this creative, sexual union.

But only by first becoming celibate and letting the sexual energies rise up.

Mojo Sublimation

Sublimate: The mate which lies within the sub-conscious.


This website expresses the wonderful journey that mojo-sublimation can have on your life and some of the enlightenments which you can come to on the way.

Reflecting upon the idea that the 3rd temple is not only a building which will be built or erected, erection or erected being the operative word.

But also refers to the temples in our head.

We currently have two temples, on either side of our heads, one representing logic, the other representing creativity.

A third anatomical temple will form in humanity which will unite the two sides, it will be the bridge between spirit and the material world, between God and mankind, between magic and logic.

Temple – anatomy / head

Temple  – place of worship

– Latin – tempus meaning time

Time bone –


Tempo – sound / music

– 3rd temple –



– Temporal –


– Templar –


I noted above that erection or erecting the temple was the operative word, the reason I said this is that the building of the temple whether it is a building or a temple on our head, involves sexual transmutation, sex magic and the power of the erect penis or phallus etc.

We’re erecting Christ’s / Siris riserection or resurrection, within us.

Will I be long, Longing to belong to you?


Longing for you, will it be long?

I belong to you, do you think we or I will be long or will I belong or longing for you?
When will you cometh, will I cometh too,
The Lord says he will cometh, I hope you will cometh too?

Do I belong, or will I be long coming to you.
When will it dawn on you, that we belong as two?

Why do you not cometh?, is it because I long for you so?
As if I wanted you for a selfish woh.
If it is so, then I must be desireless, for it is because I know, that we cannot be so.

This creative life must flow, upward where desire does not know.
Ascending the path where there is nothing, you must know.

We are always connected and yet it does not seem so, through imagery suggested our creative love does flow.

Like the sands of time and that which hugs or crawls on the earth’s floor. All Of creation lies in wait to be created once more.

All who have succeeded have come to feel your creative life of love, filling our hearts like some creative love bug.

Like a child your creative life must climb, into the clouds and up and up into the pyramid waters of the mind.

And although you do test me, time and again, my love does not wain, for I love you in spite of the pain, and you shall see me rise in golden orange hue, for these are the colours I will wear for you.

But when I have a risen and white light is shone upon high, my colours of dawn will turn violet in your eye.

Then you will see me up in the sky, way upon the clouds way up on high.

I will erect me a temple, In worship of you, a third temple in adoration of the ewe.
For he who did ressurect for me and for you, a temple shall rise erect for us two.

For the flame shall burn bright in our hearts, and the light shall shine for our love to start.
Like twins we are from apart, it is only you who connects above and below and to my heart.

For then I shall rise like the colours of the sunrise inside me, and they shall say to me O sir rise.
For it was he who rose again and whose temple must erect and rise.

For his pen is written and his rise and fall is true, and so his temple shall rise erect for us too.

For if this does not happen and it is not true, then we shall not meat and the snake and scorpion and fire will rule.

The fires of creation shall burn us orange or red and rise into our eyes and our love shall be dead.

A world without joy, a world without sorrow.
My beloved baby I wouldn’t see you tommorow.

A world without joy, a world without sight.
My beloved creative child I wouldn’t dream of you tonight.

Are you longing for me? Will we belong as three.
If you belong in me, then I will be long in you.

Only time will tell us, only the colours of the sun can heal and guide us.

We will only know when the sun rises, when the cock does crow, when the light does grow and guides us.

Kundalini or Kund align?

Kundalini or kunt Allignment?.

What does the term kundalini mean?.

Is it the alignment of something?,

Do the words kund and Lini have a meaning in other languages?.

Could English have borrowed a linguistic influence from India and vice verse?.

My intention is not to offend or upset anyone while i write these next words, nor is it to sound rude and derogatory.

My focus is on interpreting the through nature of life and the meaning behind it.

I have studied some of the Hindi or Sanskrit languages and have found striking similarities between Irish and Hindu languages and I often wondered if there is or was a cultural and linguistic exchange between these two races?. But my focus for now is to see if that exchange is also true between the English language and Hindu languages.

Here’s a link on cultural and linguistic relations between Hindustan and the Gael.


What strikes me about words of faith in Hinduism, such as “Deva” and “deval”.

English. – Hindi
Gods. – Deva.
Divine/ holy – Deval.

That these two words strike me as words we would associate with devil in the western world, which we view as evil or derogatory, but that have a positive meaning in the eastern world.

There is also the influence which the British or English empire has had on the world, particularly in India and there is no doubt that , that influence and exchange has also been cultural and linguistic.

If then certain words which have a positive meaning in the eastern world, have indeed deliberately been demonised by the western world, could we then say that the same is true for the term kundalini and that this word not only has a meaning in Hindi or Sanskrit, but also has a meaning in English and if that meaning is of spiritual significance, then it may have been demonised by westerners and given a derogatory, demeaning or demonic tone.

So the question now may be what derogatory word do we have in the western vocabularies which might have the same sound as kundalini.

My first conclusion would be the word “Cunt” or “Kunt”.

Which is a derogatory term for someone who is not liked or a term which describes the female genitals in a negative light.

Kund = Kunt.

Could the term “alini” simply mean Allign, Allignment or a line.

Kundalini means “cunt or kunt” Allignment or the Allignment of the genital energies through sexual transmutation or brahmacharya as it is known in India.

The word kundalini may also have a Germanic influence and vice verse.

The word “kind”, meaning child in German also sounds like the word kund in kundalini.

Could the word kundalini also mean the Allignment of the child or inner child Allignment ?.

We often here this idea in spiritual or kundalini circles of finding our inner child on the path of spirituality or kundalini awakening and this too may be what the term kundalini means.

To find or align yourself with your inner child, to “kind” align (German), child align or kundalini.

This is the same process as kund or cunt align, to align the spiritual energies through sexual transmutation or sublimation, as the energies associated with sex and the genitals want to create life in the form of a child.

This may also be where the name Chris kindle comes from, meaning Santa Claus.

Chris being Christ and kind meaning child, Chris kindle may translate as the “child of Christ” or inner child.

It is also interesting to observe Chris kindles other name as being Santa Claus and to observe as to how close linguistically Santa is to the word saint or Satan.

Before British colonisation of India, Hinduism was known as “sanatana dharma”, how similar sanatana is to Santa, Saint or Satan, and how similar deval or deva meaning divine or gods in Hindi is to devil.

Have we allowed the demonisation of that which truly helps us only to trade it for something which is more socially popular?.

(German – English) kind – child,
Kundalini = kind Allignment / child Allignment or inner child Allignment.

Translation: English – German / child – kind


Does the universe align to activate the kundalini?.

Can we break this word up more to reveal more simplistic and basic word origins?, to reveal its true meaning.

We often see in many languages how the letter “c” can be pronounced with an “s” sound.

One example may be from the word Celt, where one branch of the Celtic race may pronounce this word as it would sound with a “k” as in Kelt, while another Celtic race may pronounce this word as it sounds with an “s”, as in Selt.

Could the same be true for the word “kundalini?, where one group of people may pronounce it as “sundalini”, while another pronounces it as “kundalini?.

If this is true, then the word “kundalini” can be changed to “sundalini”, to reveal the words “sound, sund or sun aligns, or Sunday line, as in the seventh day (Sunday), or seventh chakra aligns with the kund or cunt line.

Expressing the idea that the spiritual energy is perceived not only by awakening the kundalini energy through sexual transmutation, involving root chakra’s, and ascending the path to the crown, but that it also happens through the Allignment of the universal energy or universal sun and descends through the seventh or crown chakra and aligns with the base or root chakra’s.

As above so below.

We can see the cultural and spiritual links between the Aztec, German and Hindu people’s when we observe the structure of the crosses they worship.


All of these crosses are bent at the ends, resembling the swastika which hitler adopted.

We may also observe as to where the imagery for Satan has come from, when we look to the Aztec world and to the worship of the feathered serpent Queatzalcoatl or Kukulkan.

There is also evidence of a game involving sticks been played in the Aztec world, which is similar to hurling in Ireland, hockey, cricket etc throughout countries in the northern half of the world.

So there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that the northern races of this world, across North America, Europe, Russia and beyond and into the Far East, have been influencing one anther, linguistically, culturally, spiritually etc.

Words which possibly could be derived from the name Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction.

(Worship of the black or seventh sun – shiva/ shivan/ heeven/ / she heaven/, heaven/ seventh heaven).

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Erecting Christ’s Reserection

What is an erection?

An erection is known in architectural circles as a building which stands upright or erect ant yet it is also an action which a mans penis or phallus takes.

Why then is the same word meant to describe two different things, has a mans erection something to do with the erecting of a building?

Right across the world we here this idea of sexual transmutation, sexual sublimation, sexual alchemy, brahmacharya etc. Which is a process where by a person chooses not to engage in sexual activity and then can direct their sexual energy upwards into higher energy centres to become more creative.

#sexualtransmutation #sexualtransformation  #sexualalchemy #Sexualsublimation #nofap


Basically the energy centre associated with sex wants to create life, it is associated with sex and creativity, when sublimated it rises up into the solar plexus, heart, throat, mind etc.

#sacral chakra

While the colour of the sexual energy centre or sacral chakra is orange and therefore inviting orange colours into one’s life will help to balance this energy centre and yet it can become too balanced and the result can be an under active sex drive, which doesn’t serve anything.

This is where the idea of the erection comes in, the goal here Is to balance this energy centre with orange colour, lights, sound etc, but to maintain a state of arrousal or erectness to draw the sexual energy in, but too not release it through sexual activity, but to become selfless and choose not to ejaculate and not to serve your own pleasure needs in one moment of sexual desire, but to hold on to that energy and direct it upward toward more creative endeavours and eventually serving God and others creatively, giving your life force.

This is also where the idea of the creator God comes in, you become the creator and direct your creative energy towards Gods kingdom, erecting Christ’s reserection.

Throughout the world we see pillars and buildings erect like a penis, some examples include obelisks in freemasonry, turrets in chapels etc, representing the erection and the transmuting of sexual energy into a higher creation.

While much far eastern religious and spiritual symbolism describes the importance of the erect penis, one example includes “shivalinga worship”.

Worship of shivalinga involves worshiping the genitals of the Hindu God Shiva, where the lingham represents the erect penis and its power to create or manifest a desire.

Worshippers of the shivalinga, pour water or milk over it, accompanied by prayer or meditation.


#Erect #building #Erection

Within ancient Egyptian mythology we can see in the myth’s of Isis and Osiris, how Osiris was killed by his brother Set and then thorn into pieces.

Osiris lover or sister Isis, (depending on the translation of ancient Egyptian texts) gathers the pieces of Osiris and puts them back together, but she does not find his phallus or penis.

A golden phallus is then affixed to Osiris, dawning his resurrection or reserection and the beginning of Horus’s birth and the importance of the energy within the male and female genitalia.


While it is interesting to note how within the Ancient Egyptian mythology of Isis and Osiris and the golden phallus, that the phallus is known as a solar golden phallus and in Hindu philosophies description of energy centres, the next energy centre after the sacral or sexual, creative chakra is called the solar plexus, it is almost certainly possible that ancient Egypt and ancient India have influenced one another’s belief systems.

Whereas any God or Goddess associated with fertility would also represent sex and creativity and can be included within ancient texts ascribing to sex magic, sex alchemy etc.

The colour of the next energy centre above the sacral or sexual energy centre is yellow (the solar plexus), whereby it is also quite interesting to note how many saints within Christian art work, including Jesus are depicted with a halo around their head which is a yellow colour.

Here we may surmise that Christ being a seminarian or semin Arian, transmutes his sexual energy, directs it in the form of a fire into his heart and then by awakening the light within his solar plexus and directing it towards illuminating his mind in the form of a yellow halo around his head, none of which can be achieved without the sublimation, transmutation etc of sexual energy and sacrificing ones own sexual desires and pleasure for a greater cause.

#Resurrection – #rise erection