The golden bracelet of Anubis.

The beetle crawls on the ground and therefor in a natural sense represents creative powers. The orange disc above its head represents rising of these forces. The colour blue may represent air, lungs and breathing as a means to transmute these forces.

Mojo Sublimation

Sublimate: The mate which lies within the sub-conscious. This website expresses the wonderful journey that mojo-sublimation can have on your life and some of the enlightenments which you can come to on the way. What if the 3rd temple is not only a building which will be built or erected. Erection or erected being the … Continue reading Mojo Sublimation

Will I be long, Longing to belong to you?

will-i-be-long-longing-to-belong-to-you. I belong to you, do you think we or I will be long or will I belong or longing for you? When will you cometh, will I cometh too, The Lord says he will cometh, I hope you will cometh too? Do I belong, or will I be long coming to you. When will it dawn on you, that we belong as two?

Kundalini or Kund align?

My focus is on interpreting the through nature of life and the meaning behind it. I have studied some of the Hindi or Sanskrit languages and have found striking similarities between Irish and Hindu languages and I often wondered if there is or was a cultural and linguistic exchange between these two races?. But my focus for now is to see if that exchange is also true between the English language and Hindu languages.