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Humanity and the Interconnectedness of Bees: A Spiritual Perspective on the Skellig Michael Monastic Site

Humanity is a complex and multifaceted entity, much like a colony of bees. The ancient monastic site of Skellig Michael, situated off the west coast of Ireland, provides a fascinating example of this. The beehive-like structures on the island were constructed by skilled and dedicated monks, and are a testament to their interconnectedness, working together to create a thriving monastic community. The Vatican has long recognized the similarities between humanity and bees, with scripture commenting on the order of the bees and how the Vatican council understands that humanity is like a colony of bees, not only interacting physically with one another but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually etc.

The interconnectedness of humanity is not just limited to physical interactions, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual ones. Our thoughts, feelings, and dreams are not our own, but come from a greater consciousness. These energies enter our minds through our hands and feet, which are the main entry points for these thoughts. In order to counteract these intrusive thoughts, it is important to bring our hands together or upward with palms faced to the sky while praying. This helps to channel the energy into the third energy center or solar plexus, which is responsible for processing our thoughts and emotions. This energy is then fed back to the third eye or halo, creating a powerful connection between our physical and spiritual selves.
In far Eastern spiritual beliefs, the third energy center is associated with the color yellow, which is also the color of the halo in Christianity. This connection illustrates the deep interconnectedness of humanity across different cultures and religions, as we all seek to connect with the divine and improve our spiritual well-being.

Understanding the interconnectedness of humanity is essential in today’s society, where we are often disconnected from one another and our own spiritual selves. In this article, we will explore the interconnectedness of humanity in greater detail, examining the similarities between bees and humans, the role of intrusive thoughts, and the importance of bringing our hands together in prayer. We will also delve into the far Eastern spiritual beliefs regarding the third energy center and the color yellow, and how they relate to the halo in Christianity. Finally, we will discuss the connection between the third energy center and the third eye, whole eye or halo, and the pineal gland, as it is known in ancient spiritual texts.

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