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528 hertz Meditate with the light of the cosmos…

Take a moment to Meditate with this short video, Meditate with the frequency 528 hertz.

This frequency has been proven to help open the heart and connect with the divine that is the cosmos we exist in.


Magic and its relation to notes and tones.

While it can be observed within many magic traditions which involve movement, how partialur sounds are invoked either to heal, balance or communicate with a magic divinity within…

How certain scales may have been employed in the ancient past with the intention of conjuring magick within…

One such scale which may be the origin of many’s a magick book, may be derived from the solfeggio scale.

Employing seven tones here which may influence what is called seven chakras or energy centres within far Eastern spiritual practice.

We also may surmise how the creators of such languages within the Western world may have derived word origins from other languages and traditions in the past, particularly from the traditions outlined above.

Embedding what we think are ordinary English words for example with particular tones, within magical or faith based scriptures, when in reality words within this language may have an otherworldly origin.

There are seven tones within the solfeggio scale and seven chakras or energy centres.

Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti.

Ma = 3rd chakra, do, re, mi or ma…


Noting how the third tone here is “mi” and how this tone may refer to the third chakra, the solar plexus…

We may surmise here how the sound “ma or mi” in magic may refer to this tone also, referring to the solar plexus…

While the solar plexus is a golden or yellow colour, it is interesting how the Magician and author, Alistair Crowley refers to his magical book as the “Golden Dawn“.

How the word solar in solar plexus may also refer to the solar system, sun and the dawn…

Golden = solar plexus…
Dawn = sun & solar system…

While observing certain magical rituals it is interesting to see how similar they are in expression to yoga poses and routines within Indian Aryuvedic spiritual practice.

Golden dawn postures = yoga.
Yogam = Magoy or magic.

Noting how the third chakra may also refer to the third eye, the mind and thought.

It may be interesting to note the ancient Egyptian God Thot and the linguistic similarities his name has with thought and perhaps his association with the third eye, the solar plexus and magic.

How the functions of the mind, memory, concentration, thought etc may be enhanced when opening the solar plexus.

Thoth = mind, 3rd eye…
3rd chakra, 3rd eye, mind, thought, Thoth.

While the letters “gi” and “c”, may refer to chi energy and transmutation of that with which is below the solar plexus, referring to animal base or earthly sources of energy..

K = ki, chi.
Magic = ma, gi, c.
Gi , c = ki or chi..

Wheras the tone sol is present within the words Solfeggio and solar plexus – sol ar plexus…

There are other words found in magic or faith based traditions which have similar tones inserted within them.

Such words include:
Hermetic, hermet, her meet.
Gematria, gi, ma, 3.
Maitreya, ma, 3, eye…

Denoting the third energy centre or third eye.

Ti – Crown.
La – Third eye
Sol – throat.
Fa – heart.
Mi – solar plexus…
Re – sacre..
Ut – Do – Root.

Wherein the solar plexus is also associated with the fire it may be interesting to observe how the tone “ma” may be present within the word magma, referring to a rock which we may observe being on fire or of being igneous.

Magma, igneous.

While the word ignis means fire in Latin.

Latin: ignis, fire.

The sanskrit word “Mani” is also present within the word Manifest, denoting the solar plexus…


Learning in lockdown…

What have I learned in this lockdown?

While having all taken from you, freedom, liberties etc, you really begin to understand what works, for there is no second guessing, because there are no other options…

While in prayer and meditation upon the Jesus Christ and observing the halo
😇 upon so many Christian figures heads, a conclusion did form, and yet perhaps a late conclusion.

For the halo represents the sun or solar system and what so many faith based traditions call the solar plexus.

Wherein this level within us is the 3rd level and therefore has an association with our 3rd eye…
Every level within us has corresponding levels outside, we are literally mirror images of our Universe or God…

The halo is often portrayed in a yellow colour as is the colour of the solar plexus.

While the word soul or soulmate has the same linguistic pronunciation as the word solar within the words solar system or solar plexus, our journey towards finding our soul’s purpose and perhaps uniting with our soulmate, has links to this level.

We are literally taking in energy and life from everywhere, and when the solar plexus begins to activate by giving up what is below, a need to take in the energy or life stream from the sun, the night sky and our solar system begins.

Each hour we are connected to the solar system activates and develops a different part of our soul.

While giving up root possessions in the root, as the roots of a tree are in the material earth, giving generously to friends, family, our community etc.

Give up sacral desires in the sacral and whatever other desires arise, for these are selfish and are only wanted because of an emptiness within, which can only be filled with the love of Christ..

Empty empyth, the empath path toward

Within the sacral is the life force which creates life, to maintain that this force rises we must help life outside of us rise.

Only then does our solar plexus begin to open, where we begin to gain the attractive force in our lives akin to that of the sun’s gravitational pull upon all material bodies.

For if our awareness remains within a lower level within us, we are attached to our own gratification and therefore only have the attraction of the planet.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and therefore waking up at key moments throughout the solar cycle with our eyes open, while meditating upon an image with which we have compassion for, will aid us in attaining what our soul desires.

3:33 AM to awaken the light within the soul and solar plexus.

4:00 AM for the heart, 5:00 AM to activate the throat etc.

Sit up, spine erect, eyes open for 30 minutes.

While it is interesting to note how the flame also represents the solar plexus in some spiritual traditions, we may conclude that this is where the concept of twin flames, or hell arises.

Where again we can see the word soul in soulmate, linguistically similar to solar, within the word solar plexus.

The solar plexus is within the region of the abdomen within our bodies and interestingly this is where our ribs are.

The prophet Adam within the beginning of the Bible, is said to have taken Eve from his own rib, which is the same region as the solar plexus and referring to Eve as Adams twin flame or soulmate.

“The rib” anagrams: The-rib of birth, Brithe (bride), breath, thribe, three be.

While the name Adam renders to Adawn in some Jewish texts, we may postulate here that the names Adam and Eve refer to the dawn and eve, uniting the two polar opposites here, the day and night.

While anagrams of the word “heaven” reveal, he, have eve even.

Alluding to the idea that the bride of Christ, soulmates or twin flames will not unite until one or both arise early and open the solar plexus.

Here is where the battle for control over our minds begins, as our selfish nature pertaining to what is known as the devil or the animal nature within aka the dragon, begins to convince us that there is no God and no point in pursuing good or godly purposes.

Therefore trapping us upon this planet, with limited options and resources.

Nevertheless the Universe or God is controlling this whole awakening, as the energy or life streams from above plays an unfolding effect upon our spiritual development, where encounters with Satan seek to help us to grow in our awareness towards a spiritual life.

While severe depressing thoughts, where one feels like they are nothing or the lowest of life forms, later reveals that we are the highest, simply because we were able to endure such thoughts for so long.

And yet there is a sense that the opening of solar plexus should happen in divine timing, for there is a purpose for remaining within the darkness of one’s being.

Only then do we really get a true sense of life and who is to be trusted.

While an interesting observation of a Hindu festival, which falls on the 11th of March every year, where participants maintain wakefulness throughout the night while worshipping the 3rd divine presence of God within Hindu faith, Shiva.

It is said that If one stays awake throughout this night, that there spiritual growth shall be greatly enhanced.