Sound healing run.

Exercism - exercising the demons. Join me on my sound healing run. I want to express the importance of adding sound to your exercise and stretching routines. Sound is an easy way of adding balance to our lives, and if exercise is included, miraculous healing and balancing can take place.

Sound healing

The cure

The cure is everywhere, all around you. The reason you can't see is that you perceive it to be common or simple and treat it like it were just a piece of trivia or entertainment. When the reality is, it is your cure it is what gives us life. Do not let those who wish to profit from you, tell you it is a tangible thing. For it is something which knowone can grasp or see and yet is all around. Open your ears and be still and you may be fortunate enough to perceive it. May your for-tune be increased 10 fold.